Las Vegas Sienna or Palisade purchase [need help]

Hey guys,

Its been quite some time after my hacked leased car.

Recently, I got in to a purchasing market in Las Vegas and seems so hard to get some discount on Toyota Sienna or Hyundai Palisade from the MSRP

Maybe its little different on purchasing rather than leasing a vehicle
But my goal for leasing a vehicle was always been targeting 10~15% discount on the MSRP without any incentives AT MINIMUM

I understand all the pandemic issue but is it really that hard to get any discount from the MSRP?
From all the dealer I talked today only offered 0% discount for the above mentioned vehicles.
In fact, I had some dealer putting mark-up on their inventory and I thought this was very odd situation

I guess current market is towards seller but is there any sales person or broker that might help me reach the goal here in Las Vegas?

Man this is really stressful

If you look around here you’ll find 10% off a Palisade is unheard of - combine it with the fact that inventory is likely next to nothing, it’s not gonna happen. As far as the Sienna, inventory could be tight as well. You might need to further your search to farther dealers, but I’m guessing it’ll be more of the same.

true… I have been asking for 1k discount and didn’t happen. I mean my whole point is getting any additional discount from the dealer.

I didn’t even get $1 discount at this point

How badly do you need a car now? I would advise anyone who can wait to do just that. Gotta wait for inventory to recover.

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1k discount off of Sienna? Really?

I don’t know, its for my parent and I’m helping them to get some great deal
when do you think the inventory will recover?

I mean its for my parent and they physically wen to the dealer and they refused on any discount on current inventory. at dealer stand point, is it agreeable?

I mean, wouldn’t 1k discount okay???

We’ve seen some decent Odessey deals posted lately

I’ve seen that yes, I will be reaching out to Honda to see if its possible
but is there some limit of discount between purchasing and leasing??

Palisade/ telluride’s have next to no inventory and next to no discounts. You won’t easily find them with a discount. If you’re looking for a minivan you might want to consider an odyssey, as mentioned above. However, don’t forget to check for private incentives you (or your parent) may qualify for, such as Costco, USAA, recent graduate (my aunt got recent graduate on a car upon getting her second master’s degree in her 50’s!) etc. that can also help!

You won’t see much discount leasing vs. purchasing.

Don’t confuse discount with incentives, discount is what the dealer offers and needs to be separated from lease/purchase incentives.

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Yes, I’m turning my head towards odyssey or chevy as they have pretty awesome incentives

Thank you, just wanted to make sure if 15% discount is doable on purchase if lease was done at 15%

Yup, looking forward to get some discount on pre-incentives
its just I was looking into wrong makess

turning my head over to honda or chevy

got some help from the below link,%246%2C000%20on%20some%202018%20models.

Seems like a pretty crummy website to trust. Why not just get the incentives from Autobytel? Choose whatever model you want and then go to incentives. Pretty easy

very helpful! thank you!