Large SUV / Minivan

Would like to trade in my 2016 Explorer Sport for something newer, primarily due to not wanting to deal with getting the AC fixed.
Have 2 adults, 3 kids (15, 11, 1.5 in car seat), and a 100lb dog, that may all need to ride at the same time so really want 3 rows. Better gas mileage would be good although my main complaint with the Explorer is not the MPG, but the tiny gas tank. We drive about 15k-20k miles a year so IDK if leasing is an option.
Is there anything out there to look at?
I used to love shopping for used cars but not anymore.

Order a Pacifica, that’s the fastest you can get a minivan right now.

That would be one of my top picks, but between Chrysler financial only offering 5.11% interest, and all the dealers around playing games like adding $1,999 accessory packages that they won’t take off, I haven’t had much luck there. There’s actually even a few in stock without ordering, but they are all missing the “Safety Sphere” (360 cam?) option due to parts shortages.

the 360 is so nice…have it on 2 of my newer cars.

I think one of the brokers on forum will get you a Pacifica below MSRP. Did you ask them?

To get it on the Touring L trim, you have to order the Uconnect Family package. The Limited and Pinnacle trims should have it, but currently deleting power folding mirrors.

Just ordered a Pacifica Hybrid in the last month from a broker on here. Since you are in TX, may want to try @Clutch

Also, the factory has been shut down 2 of the last 4 weeks. Not sure if that is normal or something to continue in the near future.

Do the Hybrids still get the $7,500 tax credit? If that’s the case then a hybrid limited might be the way to go. How long did they say it will take to get yours?

Im new here and not sure how to find them? I tried searching in the seller reviews forum for brokers but go no results.

If you lease, they pass it on in the lease. If you finance, you can claim on your own taxes if you have the liability.

I was told 3-4 months, but Chrysler provided an estimated ship date of August 5th, three weeks after I placed the order. However, the plant is shut down this week so I know it isn’t shipping out this week. Plan to follow up next week for an updated status once the plant is open again.

Also, here is Clutch’s link:

Never used him before (I am on east coast) but he has great reviews and is very helpful on the forums.

Used car market is way more inflated than brand new cars. Used should be out of the question.

So if you’re looking at brand new, you’ll probably get a better deal by ordering.

Look into ordering a Sienna, Odyssey or Carnival.