Land Rover / Jaguar

Has anyone on here been able to get any sort of deals on any of the following:

  • Range Rover
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Velar
  • Jaguar F Pace

Not many Range Rover deals on here. Jaguar deals are more frequent

XF program not as strong but still semi strong. Only hack I see with Range Rover is the >6000lbs tax loophole thing lol

These are about the best you are going to get right now. But quite frankly the 2017 Sport is very different than the 2018 RR Sport. There are quite a few 2017s on the lots still and I suspect they will start to discount a little bit in a month or so.

And for F Pace the diesels seem to be going down in price. Nobody seems to want diesels anymore.

But bottom line - F Pace and Range Rovers just don’t lease very well.

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Those are not the best deals you are going to get. I saw ads for 777, 0 down on the sport, 10k miles 39 months

Thanks. I figure those two brand are going to be a very unicorn deal if any.

I’ve seen ads but I figure similar to the F-type jag might do something with their f pace. Only time will tell.

What’s the best ad you’ve found for a full size HSE V6 or V8 SC? I was just quoted 1349 with 5k down on a v8 and ~1100 on a V6 HSE with same down. 10k miles

Posted in another RR discussion but not sure if you saw. I just leased a ‘17 HSE TD6 (82K) for $897 - 39/10K before tax which was a pretty decent deal and no cap cost reduction.

I saw an HSE 81k msrp for 847 + tax, zero down, all fees upfront.

Any good deals on the Jaguar F-Pace? I’m in the market but haven’t been successful in getting a good decent lease quote. I know they are aggressive with moving their cars.

Wow thats a killer deal for an HSE not base. Can you PM me the dealer?

Just by calculating the payments by yourself given the MF and residual (which you can find here or at Edmunds) you will end up getting a lower payment than the dealers initial offer.

Do you broker deals for SoCal residents? I want to get into a full size V6 HSE or V8 SC, do you think now is the time or in a few weeks when the 2018’s fill the lot?

I got a great deal on the Velar yesterday in Maryland. PM for details.

Please post pics in Trophy Garage. No Velars yet there.

What was the deal???

March/April should be a great time for a CU lease on a RR or RRS. If you are in Colorado, I can point you to a couple brokers that can work through the CUs there. If you are in MI, OH, MA or RI, I can point you to specific LR dealers that work with credit unions. Either 18 or 17MY should pencil out lower than what Chase of US Bank is rolling.

PM me if you live in one of those states for specific dealers.

Would you say close to 1%?

can you pm for deal???