Land Rover Defender Unveil

Found this the rabbit hole yesterday.

looks nowhere near the old OG defenders. This should have been the Disco 5 but LR messed up big times.

here’s a pic for those who can’t click links at work :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow really smh

Hideous, what were they thinking…


Gives off a hint of G-wagon. Will still sell like hotcakes.

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Never understood the appeal of the Defender, even the old one.

Knew a guy who took a 100K+ hit on a Defender. Between overpaying and later getting no private party bids, selling it back to the dealer and huge maintenance costs for things that are just unheard of. Like replacing a rusted firewall… they had to take everything apart to do that. Have you heard of that on any other car?

1970s Italian cars made with Soviet steel had more structural integrity.


Late 90’s/early 00’s DCX products had some pretty horrendous issues like that. My stepmom’s 03 Sebring was in the scrap yard before 100k due to rusted out chassis strut mounts, weird electrical issues, multiple engine oil leaks and a whole litany of issues that made it impossible to get a NYS inspection.

tata motors for you

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Looks like the afterbirth from some mutant progeny of Palisade/G Wagon/Wrangler



I’d take a Chrysler product over a Defender to daily, and I don’t say that lightly


Just swap the headlights

Your wish is my command. I think you can even get to the 1% rule on this one.


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Is that a GT, brah?

If only it was a woodie.

Nothing is quite as spontaneously combustible as a hastily assembled turbocharged Chrysler product!

Well, maybe a Tesla.

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Absolutely everything you said is true, but I still want one. I want an old one and a new one. I want to mate them to each other. I would get them their own tow truck.

I saw this one in Aug of 2014 in Seattle and tried to Disco-nap it (get it?)


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Official pics, specs and pricing are out! I personally love it.


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need LH deal on the Lego version

The front center seat is perfect for your dog haha


Same. It will be the sexiest four wheels on a tow truck.

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I dont think these are hitting lots until April or so.