Land Rover Defender Avail [NY/NJ]

I have one defender avail.

2022 Land Rover Defender 110s
Tasman Blue/Black
All of the racks and ladders.

In stock available now. Fee $599



Idk if it was on purpose or not but the tax rate is left at 0%.

The DAS will be higher based on the tax rate.

I don’t know where you live, so not sure what your tax will be. Like that for most brokers and all of my deals.

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That is fine & i thought that might be the case.

But just wanted to share it as i noticed it.

Maybe just add “plus taxes” in description?

Can’t believe I missed that, thanks for pointing it out.

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Are you interested in a defender?

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Not right at the moment,

but I am not sure which direction i wanna go for my next (my current lease expires in May) as i have a MT Truck & not sure if I’m ready to give up MT for more luxurious SUV.

Can’t make up my mind…

Good build and Msrp!

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Great build and deal! Get a Defender, folks!


I wanted that one

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Tasman is most slept-on color.


I may
Be interested. You and i almost did xc90 i think 3 years ago. I don’t see the specs which version of the 110.

Shoot me a pm

Interested, sent a pm.

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If still available, I’d like to speak. Located in Fl. 33445

Looks like it’s only available for NY/NJ residents.

LR enforces the regional restrictions pretty strictly.

Sent you a PM

This just in:

3 Weeks until arrival.

Is this vehicle still available?