LA: 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier

I’m ready to lease a '17 Chevrolet Volt Premier in the LA area. My salesperson is sharing details of his offer, but piecemeal and only when I ask for them. Here’s what he’s offering:

Volt Premier (with nav, driver confidence I&II, cargo mat, cargo net)
MSRP: $40,100
Selling price: $36,100
Rebates: $6,875
Residual: 47%
MF: 000149

$1500 cash at signing, 36 months, $309/month ($284 + $25 tax).

I can’t get these numbers to work using the residual and MF he provided, but it may be my lack of experience. Any thoughts on whether this is a deal I should take? Thanks!

MF is jacked. Should be .0006 for a Premier with 620+ credit score.

Thanks. I wonder if he’s using an MF of .00149 but copied it wrong, perhaps accidentally (or perhaps not.) If so, I’ll request .0006 since my credit is excellent. Any other changes you’d suggest negotiating?

GM Financial covers 1st month payment on a lease. Tell them they can add that incentive too while eliminating the money factor padding they are doing.

Hey @montanadeoro, did you end up leasing that premier? I’m currently talking with a dealer in Culver City who seems like he is doing a raw deal for me.

17 premier with two convenience packages.
12k mi/ 36 mo
They want $1500 and my trade in ($2,600)
$300/mo inc tax
48% residual
.0006 MF

Seems not great to me. He said if you can send a photo of your deal he might be able to match.


Also, did you have a lease at the time? Any other incentives included?

I’m at work at the moment and don’t have all of the details on my lease, but my sense is that your dealer can do better. I wound up at $272/month (before tax) with $1500 down @ 10K mi/year. My premier has DC1+DC2+nav plus some other small stuff (cargo net), MSRP was just north of $40K.

I worked with Stephen Buckley at Community Chevrolet. The car I took had a bonus tag, so I’m not sure Stephen will be able to match my deal exactly with the inventory he has on the lot, but you should give him a call and see what he can do for you. He moves lots of Volts and knows what he’s doing. At the very least, you can let Culver City know that you’re considering other offers.

Also, are you a Costco member? If so, be sure to get the bonus card they’re offering this month. Good luck!

Just checked my numbers:

MSRP: $40,215
Selling price: $36,405 ($3810 discount)
Incentives: $7551
Residual: 50%
MF: .0006

I did not have a lease with any manufacturer previously.