Kona EV SEL Lease question

I see on the Hyundai site the $199/$1999 + fees due at signing lease. I’m in Pennsylvania where it’s not sold, but there are some dealers in NY that show ample inventory with small discounts off of MSRP, so I’m assuming they would honor the Hyundai-advertised deal (if not even better).

My question is whether that advertised deal would be available to be as a PA resident. I tried to do some research on it but can’t get a good feel for it. Any ideas or experience with this.

Add $3000 for ‘fees’.
That’s the gotcha for advertised specials.

You can try NJ too. Just an FYI too, that deal doesn’t include tax, registration, dealer fees ETC. adds up very quickly. I believe the dealer claims the rebates and such from their region (to get to the advertised price) and you should be fine getting that lease special across state lines

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You’ll run into two problems:

  1. The 2021 EV SEL is largely out of stock, and it looks to me like no more are coming. Double check to make sure the stock you’re seeing actually exists.
  2. NY residents are eligible for a $2000 DRIVE CLEAN NY rebate, which already may be factored into the prices you’re seeing advertised by the NY dealers (since their ads are targeted at NY residents).

The deal is at the discretion of the dealer, so your best bet is to reach out to the NY-based dealer and ask how the deal changes for PA. Your price is going to be higher than the in-state price, so the dealer has less of an incentive to show you a discount, than they do to just try to sell the car to an in-state resident.

Lastly, the dealer is not obligated to honor the deals you see advertised on the Hyundai national site. They’re welcome to add whatever fees and upcharges they’d like.


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