Kia Sportage question

I saw from a previous post that Kia’s are generally not good to lease. Some guy posted a quote from a dealer for $536/month for 48 months for a $38k Sportage. Everyone said that’s a horrible deal. I see on Kia’s website there’s this offer for $269/month for 24 months with $3500 down: Special Offers & Savings on APR, Leasing, & New Models - Results | Kia I’m not sure how deals posted on automakers websites work. Are they real? And if so, is this a decent one or is the advice still to just order one and buy at MSRP?

They are, but you have to read the details:

Offer shown based on $3,499 due at lease signing including $269 first monthly payment, $2,580 capitalized cost reduction, $650 acquisition fee, plus tax, title, license and registration fees, dealer conveyance fee, processing fee or optional service fee and any emission testing charge.

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Kia Deal
Is a good deal if you realize you are throwing away ~3000 of Cash into the TTL.

So you’re saying it’s only a good deal if you’re not paying additional $3k TTL?

Short term leases are mostly TTL so your effective monthly payment is high, hence why LH has a calculator to show you that

Your better off financing if you can find one at MSRP. Payment will be about the same

The takeaway is that kia is not advertising a $269/mo with $3500 das lease. If they were, it might be a good deal, but thats not what theyre offering/advertising.