Kia seltos sx turbo


Just wondering if this deal looks okay. I know it’s not great but just trying to get some opinions. Unfortunately I don’t have much info because this deal was through text message and email.
Kia seltos sx with sunroof
Msrp 30,240
Sales price unknown
36 months/10k
365 monthly
2000 due at signing which includes taxes and fees etc
Residual unsure
MF unsure
They are also taking my current lease away and paying the last two payments of $328.

Lol no they aren’t, you are - plus rent charge plus tax.

How do you expect anybody to help if you can’t be bothered to get the full details?

Oh it’s face it looks hysterically bad.


They will not give me details via text so thats all the information I received. I hVs to go in person but wanted to see if it was even worth going in person because I feel they will not budge from that price

Move on, find another dealer. If they won’t be transparent, do you want to do business with them?

Also, as above, the only person paying to take away your current lease is you. Maybe just wait it out? Does it have to be now?

Doesn’t have to be now but lease is up in October so I was just trying to get into a new lease sooner Instead of last min

Pretty sure that you will be able to get a better ‘last minute’ deal than a $420/mo compact Kia. But that depends on you.

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spoke to 3 kias in my area. That was best deal so far lol. Not sure why the numbers are so high but just for reference, 1st ki dealership I called wanted 441 with 2k and taxes

Why are you calling dealers asking for monthly payments anyway except to initiate the conversation? Propose your own deal. Monthly payment is an output, not an input.


Ok i will try that approach. What would be a reasonable deal for a car in this price range. There is no real data on it. I know the 1% rule but given the car is a new model for kia and not sure these lease well.

I just can’t. you’re up @mllcb42!

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No, you don’t.

The 1% rule is a bs metric for judging a lease value that tells you nothing about if it’s a good deal or not. It’s a short cut that those that don’t want to take the time to learn anything about leases fall back on.

You’re going about this all wrong. If you want to save yourself money and get a good deal, you need to take a gigantic step back and spend a lot more time learning what goes into a lease, etc. Right now, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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Ok i guess I have some hw to do.

Confirm your MF and RV on Edmunds make it easier for everyone including yourself, also call your current lender and ask about pull-ahead. KMF (if that’s your lender) offers it only to some exclusive customers due to their low RV’s (you’ll need to most likely ask for a supervisor), your negative equity is going somewhere, either into your discount or monthly on next lease,etc someone is going to have to pay it regardless.

99% of getting a good deal is being as educated as possible about the deal. You shouldn’t be talking to a dealer until you know exactly what you should be paying, why, and what it takes to get there. Talking to dealers is for finding someone to do your deal, not to figure out what a car should cost.

If you ever find yourself with a dealer offer in front of you, asking yourself “is this a good deal?”, you have jumped the gun. Take the time to do the leg work up front so that you can negotiate your deal from a strong position.

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Makes alot of sense. Ok ill do some hw and be better prepared going into this and hopefully come out with a great deal

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Do your HW in the meantime and wait. Deals are such garbage right now you have nothing to lose.

So update. Reached out to Edmunds and found out mf is .00169 and rv 63% at 36/10 sx turbo in NY. Lease cash being 1500.

Just trying to figure out how they got to these numbers with the calculator and approx numbers. Seems like they did. Ot discount the car at all.
Not sure I did it right though

The 1500 is a taxes incentive and not an untaxed incentive. You also need to add your negative equity to the sales price so in this case you need to stick your Two remaining payments into the sales price of the car. It seems they did discount the car by the 600 dollars or so that you owe. Other than that, it looks good. Now that you know the base numbers, and what they need to look like (if your credit is good) you can just go and negotiate on the sales price of the car. If you can even get a 10 percent discount PRE INCENTIVE, then the deal gets considerably better. For a Seltos
I would definitely wait. The car just came out. See if between now and October you can find steeper discounts on the 2020 SX, and maybe they will even release the updated 2021
Seltos and you can get the 2020 with additional incentives on top of the discount.

The one I’m getting is a 2021 seltos. It just arrived 5 days ago to the dealership. Im going to see if they come down a little more. Thank you for the advice. Im going to ask again if they can at least give me a break down on paper and email to me so I can actually analyze the deal. I also just got a payoff quote on my cx5. Its worth 18500 give or take and we out 16300 which means maybe they can buy the car and give us the little equity we have which is better then them paying the last two months