Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid - Has anyone leased it?

Want to lease the fully loaded for 2 years - to wait out the Model 3. Has anyone leased it recently. Looking to lease for 2years/12K miles per year. Even if you haven’t leased this one, any pointers/feedback on KIA Motors Finance? My only lease experience is with BMW.

The Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid is a sister car but seems 2 year leases are not offered on those by Hyundai Finance.

Did u ever decide to lease the Optima Plugin? I am looking at it for lease as well – tech package (some safety features, sunroof) at 5k seems expensive, I was going to go for EX without tech. I also am waiting out all the electric advances with a two yr lease

Yes I did in April and very happy with it!

This is my offer - no tech package though. (A) does it sound like a good deal? (B) is tech package (panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, led lights, backup warning) worth the 5K extra price? Thanks!

Looks like a good deal to me. Residual and rebate seems to be the same as April when I got mine. I don’t recall the money factor - seem it was a bit more for me.

My payment is about $100 more which makes sense as I have the fully-loaded one - so if you depreciate $5000 by 52%, comes around that.

Is tech package worth it? For me Adaptive Cruise Control was a must have going in - I had it in my i3 and as I commute in bumper to bumper traffic everyday, have found it takes so much stress out of it. I have been amazed at the features and how useful they are - the lane departure warning, the blind spot warning, automatic emergency braking, auto-high beam, auto hold …then again it’s up to you to decide if you want to pay $100/per month more for it. I live in the Bay Area and see on average one accident every single day so really wanted the safety features. In other words, I was only in the market for the fully loaded one.

Good luck!

Hello, I live in the Bay Area as well. I just signed a lease for a fully loaded plug in. I needed the additional mileage so I went for a 3 yr lease with 15k miles a year. I was required to put down $6700 and my notes are $355. That’s a HUGE downpayment! Am I being fleeced?

Wow, that’s a terrible deal. That’s effectively a $541/month lease.

Yeah, I found that out. I went into “free agency” once I figured out that I could rescind the deal. I was extremely transparent and I was able to negotiate it down to $3000 at signing and 344 a month. This is for a top of the line Optima PHEV at 15k per year. How does that sound?

How were you able to rescind the deal in CA?

We need more details (MSRP, cap cost, rebates, RV, MF, etc) to fully evaluate the deal.

Where in CA were you able to get this deal? I’m looking to lease one now as well and haven’t been able to get anything this low in Socal.

Wow tech package sound great. How much did you end up getting your lease for?

I’m on Colorado so maybe that’s why deal was different for you

This was in April. $1999 down and $355 per month after taxes for 24 months. 12K miles per year. The deal now should be same or better.

I leased one last week in OC. Awesome car. $269/month. Zero drive off. Just walk into any dealership on a slow weekday and ask for $4,000 off msrp.

Which dealership did you go to?