Kia Niro Lease Questions

Hi, I’m new to the forums here but have been following for awhile. I’m working with a dealer on a lease for a 2020 Kia Niro EV - NON premium. This is what they’ve given me so far….The $5k discount is the NJ Charge up Phase 2….

Am I missing something here? It seems to me that after everything, the capitalized cost (including a down payment) would end up to be less than the residual value?

Any clarification is really appreciated! We’re currently between this and a Chevy Bolt Premier (with costco) currently at $245 a month, but shooting for closer to $200. (They’re issuing a higher money factor than edmunds shows - Started at .00125 now down to .00081. Edmunds said it’s currently .00025 and someone just posted a signed deal at that MF.

How do you figure? The adjusted cap cost as shown is $25119, which is quite a bit more than the $19920 residual value.

That’s a Niro EV. Taking $5000 off and forcing you to to pay $3500? Effectively making your payment $345…nah.

Again, I’m assuming I might be wrong here, but when I just did the math?

Your total upfront cash due is shown as $202.13, which is the first month’s payment and $5 for the temp tag.

The $3500 down along with some of the upfronts appear to be covered by the $5000 incentive.

Gotcha, that would make more sense.

So by that, there number would appear to be correct?

I haven’t ran it all through a calculator, but I’d be surprised if there was some big hidden gotcha. Put together a calculator and make sure it adds about up for $200 das

Are you sure you’re not double counting the $5,000 if it’s already in the $12k rebate?

They said it was separate. The $12900 is lease cash and the rebate is listed under “discount”

Can you share this dealer. This looks a promising deal…

I have the same doubt, shouldn’t the cap cost have been $22K as per calculation?

It’s $22kish not including fees. Unfortunately, fees do exist.