Kia Niro EV Wind Lease

Just missed out on this deal. After I finished my test drive it was already sold :man_facepalming:

Threw it into the calculator: calculator

$3k discount off MSRP.
Rebates: $7500 kia, $1500 summer select special, $3500 MA rebate

Run the numbers for 24/12k — some Hyundai and Kia leases are superior at sub 36m even after losing the state rebate.

Well, I guess that let’s you know if it was a good deal or not…?

The Niro EV’s pricing this month seems insanely good (esp for those w/ additional state rebates).

Really? Good to know I’ll ask for 24m quotes in the future.

Dont do that.

Work out what it should be and then make an offer.

Asking for quotes is a waste of time.

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Thanks for the advice. First time leasing :sweat_smile:. How do you usually submit the offer? Just suggest a monthly payment and lease terms?

Your offer should be specific, unambiguous, and immediately actionable.

“I’d like to make an offer on stock #123456 of $500/mo with $1000 due at signing for a 36 month/10k lease, contingent on tier 1 credit. I qualify for x, y, and z incentives and my sales tax rate is 7% for my zip code of 12345. If you’re able to do the deal as stated, i can be at the dealership in 2 hours to sign and take delivery. Hope to do business soon. Thanks”