Kia niro EV discount is decent but terrible monthly payment


What am I missing? Here’s the calc but the dealership is trying to tell me that the payment is 537 for an ex. Anyone know if the Washington state tax exemption eliminates all taxes on the payment for this vehicle?

How is a 7.1% off MRSP a big discount. I surely hope you aren’t talking about the rebate, cause the dealer has nothing to do with that. The residual is wrecking you too.

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Get a bigger pre-incentive discount. There’s more room in this deal. If they insist there isn’t, talk to the other dozen Kia dealers around.

44% RV is pretty terrible

If you’re expecting i3 like payments, the 24/10 RV is 20 points higher

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What are you expecting to pay on this car per month? There’s a little meat left on the bone, but you’re not getting to 350/mo either. That 44% residual is killer along with almost 4.5% interest.

It’s not a big discount I should say, just a bit better than what I’ve seen. The confusion is that the price per month in the calc is around 450 and they’re quoting me 537

Thanks for the info, will try going that route