Kia Nero EV Lease - Texas - Feedback pls


Negotiating a 36/10k lease for Kia Niro EV base model. Dealer has quoted $455 with only first month DAS. Based on the below calculator, it shows that I am overpaying ~2k (dealer has $800 add ons and the rest is all MF mark up). The dealer isn’t willing to negotiate and says this is the best price. Any feedback on this deal?

This is my second car for local drive and I am not hung up on this as such. I reached out to a couple of Hyundai dealers for Elantra but haven’t heard back so far.

Just anxious to finalize my second car before end of this year. Any suggestions or alternate options will be much appreciated.

sorry - the quoted price is for 36/12k

$2000 markup? That’s pretty crappy to begin with.

That’s not what calculators show. All they show is that your inputs are different from the dealer’s. You assumed they use buyrate when they don’t.

When you make offers or counters, make it as monthly X with Y DAS. That’s it. Arguing over line items like doc fees, add-ons and rent charges (ie Money Factors) is just a waste of everyone’s time.

If you’re going to pay full tax, just finance a car that’s projected to hold value well.

The dealer did not provide the MF and I know the MSRP was marked up by $800(dealer adding). I just plugged the balance number to MSRP instead of trying to adjust the MF. Baseline being I was getting a payment of 390 per month with base MF and MSRP whereas the dealer has quoted 454. As suggested by you, I didn’t try to negotiate the specifics - I simply asked to drop the overall number by 1k which the dealer hasn’t agreed.

I would ask them for a lower payment, don’t let them confuse the issue of ‘we lowered it by 1k’ by saying ok I will pay $425 instead of saying lower it $1000.

Though $425 is still pretty bad because TX charges tax on all 40k AS well as you are losing $2k in rebates that other states get.

Have you looked at the Nissan Leaf?

Don’t know what or why you need a second car, but unless money means nothing to you I’d avoid purchasing any car as long as possible.

I will keep pushing. But the cars get reserved even before they hit the dealership and hence no motivation for dealers to negotiate. The reason lease seems attractive here is because there is a 10,800 credit as compared to the 7,500 credit on buying which I may not be able to use. Perhaps I should look at other options

See if a dealer will order the car instead, will take a few weeks to get though.

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