Kia Motor Finance denied my contract a month later? Can I turn the car in?

I’ve had my Kia Sorento for 3 weeks and I received a call from the dealership informing me that Kia has denied my contract due to some incorrect placements/signatures on the contract. I’d like to return the vehicle.

Update: KIA allowed me to unwind the deal. I recognize this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity and probably due to covid and the chip shortage. I appreciate everyone’s responses below.

What did the dealer say when you told them you are bringing the car back?

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Also: any plan to return the car and unwind the deal better have a firm replacement vehicle and deal worked out.


I have zero familiarity with Texas contract law for leases, but did you sign an agreement that stated you would agree to re-sign for errors like this?

If not, enjoy your extended at-home test drive and now you’ve learned to never touch a Kia!


I haven’t told them yet.

I am not replacing the vehicle; at least not at KIA

I am going to read over the contract I did sign that was rejected. Agreed to never buy a KIA again lol


what car and what do you hate about it?

Don’t buy a rogue either if that’s what your username means!


It’s a 2021 Sorento. It’s mainly buyers remorse; payment too high and doesn’t have all the features I’d like.

lol def not

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I plan on going in tomorrow and telling them. I’m turning in the keys and being done with it.

You should video the disposition! Please come back and post (and also confirm local consent laws!)


I will provide an update. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a headache. I don’t know what local consent laws are, but I will look into it. Thank you.


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If the signature placements were in the wrong places and they said it was rejected, doesn’t that mean he didn’t “sign” an agreement that stated you would agree to re-sign for errors like this?


The dealer is not gonna complain about you returning the car since he can easily resell this car for above msrp. Win win.


I’m banking on that. The car has 600 miles but they’ll easily be able to resell it in this market.

Good point!