🚀 Kia Lease Pricing CA~ The Original Kia Thread © 23' Carnival 2k DAS $659+tax 36/10k

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2022 Kia Niro LX
Monthly Payment: $299 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2000 (0 DAS available)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000 (add $10 for 12k)

How much will add if I want to reduce the mileage to 15,000?

3% residual bump, about $45-50. You can text or call us for a quote!

I’m looking for a Wind AWD in steel grey with the tech package. Do you have one? Thx!

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Yes I do! Please send us a text or call! 818-263-0533

my account’s a year older than yours :man_shrugging:

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Dude the car market has not become thunderdome. Some dealers are emboldened to mark up, but like always they only get away with what ppl let them. Same with this site, since there’s so many middle-men companies in here they know they can tell ppl “oh the market is bonkers right now” and make money. I haven’t posted in a minute, but I’ve been here for years and was in the industry. Further!! I came back to check the rates on KIAs cause my SiL is looking and the local dealer is advertising lease rates at damn near 10% msrp. I thought “hey if it’s that low in the ad I bet there’s a leasehacker deal even lower” but here they’re higher. And I’m not in the country either lol

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As with everything, it’s on the consumer to do their homework. If they don’t like the prices they are seeing on this site, they can shop around. This site is simply a source, not an end all.
If, nonetheless, you want to rant all day, take it to Reddit. In here though, keep it constructive :ok_hand:

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But as many have stated, dealerships are not honoring advertised lease rates… just like they are not honoring MSRP.

Have you been to a Kia dealership?

You are criticizing a broker without really checking around… doesn’t matter if you were here for years or in the industry… if that was over 6 months ago… things may have changed.

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How are the numbers for the 2022 Kia Niro EV affected by T3 credit?

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Please reach out to us 818-263-0533. We can give you exact numbers if you have a credit check that you got recently.

How much for 15,000 miles per year?
Does the DAS actually mean that I ONLY have to pay $2000 and drive the car home? ZERO additional amount due?

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$2000 and you drive the car home. Text or call us for more information

@EZAutoGroup Sam does the EV include federal and state rebates in the price or do I have to submit my application directly to the agencies to get the check like in old days?

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When leasing, Federal Rebate & Clean Air Rebates credits are included in the Niro Model but not the ev6 if that is your question. The state is available to be claimed still.

In that case for EV6 would including the federal + state + clean air rebates bring down the monthly lease cost?

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Unfortunately, the EV6 does not allow the federal rebate to be applied to the lease. You would need to purchase this and claim it on your taxes. Clean air will be applied and state again will need to be claimed by the owner.

Are you able to order the ev6 for purchase at msrp? Thanks.

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No we do not offer ev6 purchase at msrp.

Just opened up!
Niro EV ex Premium! 46k MSRP

THE DEMAND FOR THIS CAR IS INSANE IN TODAYS MARKET. Please reach out for pricing if interested. Serious inquires only. No it is not a $300 payment.

Text/call Sam 818-263-0533

zip: 94015, Niro EV deals? need urgently.

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