Kia Forte GT line for those looking for cheap lease $245/m all in

I found this on RODO

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So about a 30/70 split as to if it actually exists?


Let’s try. It cost nothing.

Well, other than giving them your credit information and having them do a pull.

Yes and on the other side is saving $3k. :sunglasses:

Sounds like somone took it. Please report to us if this deal went thru.

anyone from LH got it?

Found this deal at 3am, by chance, for friend in the market for a cheap lease. Told her it was an impeccable deal for today’s market and to act on it before its gone. She didn’t listen

This is roughly what is was

$21,700 MSRP
$1,515 dealer discount
$1,830 lease cash

You don’t have to give you credit info. You can chose their “concierge” service and a rep will reach out to you to confirm everything prior to filling out an app, etc. at least this was the case when I was searching for a Palluride.

This wouldn’t have the GT2 package either ($2000). Those with that package usually are around $25k.

Still over 1% for a Kia, hard pass …

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