Kia Finance Sucks, (Dealer Payoff Issues)

So, I’ve been having this issue with Kia Finance for the last month. A family member has a lease that matures matured March 23. I’ve been trying to get a fucking dealer payoff faxed to Carvana for 3 weeks and they keep giving me excuses and running into technical issues. Apparently, their fax system has been down for 2 months? I’ve been calling them every day for the past week, waiting an hour on hold to speak to someone and then being told that it was already sent last week…When asking them to send it again, they say ok, but then it never happens. I got in touch with a supervisor that said that they can’t send faxes, there’s a different department for that and that the request was put in, but there’s no way to confirm if it actually happened…

I’m just getting pissed off at this point. Carvana has been great to deal with so far, but this situation is frustrating to say the least.

Does anyone have any advice or tips?

I dealt with Chrysler Capital who wasn’t much better. Lost hours of my life trying to accomplish exactly that. What did the trick for me was to speak to a rep from Carvana and have them initiate a 3-way call with Chrysler Capital. They were able to clearly state what they needed, I was there to provide any account information required, and then Chrysler Capital was magically able to produce everything for them right away. I won’t speculate why, but I would give this a try the people at Carvana are great and do what they can to help you.

Yup, I already spent many hours in conference calls with Carvana and Kia. Kia keeps saying they sent it or are sending it, but they never manage to do it…

Lol sounds like United Wholesale Mortgage. I ran an insurance claim through them and somehow they sent the check to the wrong address. Pretty impressive for your own mortgage holder to get your address wrong.

Yup. That sounds terrible. Well, this seems like a similar situation in how much of a PITA it is. Dealers in NJ have been closed for about a week now as well, so I can’t even call the people that sold us the car for help - not that I’m sure they would with my experience with them lol.

They’ll get their collateral

According to the Carvana thread they are no longer buying cars.

Unfortunately your KMF issue may be moot.

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I’m surprised you’re even getting a real person at Kia. I’m pretty sure they are shut down and most employees work from home. Not sure how that works for customer service, setting up these systems is a major hassle for IT.

I posted in another thread, but worth repeating for you. I just lost out on selling to Carvana because HMF (i’m assuming Kia and Hyundai use the same system/agency/offices) would not respond in time. Carvana wouldn’t extend the offer deadline, and now they have shut down buying any cars (unless you are buying one from them). So HMF cost me $2500 that I would have made on the deal.

Yup, Kia has fucked me once again. I just got the email an hour ago.

Yeah, same offices, they fucking suck.

Blame the bat @Batmitestar

I’m too busy job hunting to moonlight over at Kia. So pretty much entirely my fault, yes. :sunglasses: