KIA EV9 Land (DMV area) Sanity check

There seems to be way better deals on the 24/10k route. From what I’ve been seeing 24/12 increases the month by quite a bit and the 24/15 only increases it slightly more from the 24/10 for whatever reason.

I ran numbers through Lease Hackr calculator. My first attempt at using it. Not sure if I got all the inputs correctly. I used the Rate Findr to pull up money factor and other inputs. I find it curious that it defaults to money factor of 0.0008 but I on the forum I see folks mentioning rates ranging from 0.0005 up to 0.00165. Keeping it at 0.0008 would require 8% discount off of base MSRP plus $7.5k general lease incentive + $1.5k VIN specific incentive. Is this unrealistic?

Lease Hackr Calculator - EV9 LAND.

I believe all there’s kia dealerships out there doing for the Land 24/10 8300 instead of the 7500. But it has to be a 24/10 for that rebate. Yeah MF usually depending on zip code I think. A few days ago it was .00005 now its showing .00008 for my zip. I feel like the RV is off because just few days ago it was 63-64% I believe.

The mf is by zip. I see you are a super supporter so that’s very accurate. Dealers are known to increase it to gain some extra $$. Coming in telling them what MR and residual you want helps.

Make a proposal and start to send them out. I don’t see why you wouldn’t get one hit. Go on carguru, find some that have it and submit it. You might need to drive to get it but a budget is a budget. I find proposals get these dealers to take you slot more serious so I think you’ll get a hit. Just might take you reaching out to a few.

Going to need to find one with vin specific rebate. You can either search their inventory and see if they list the rebate or reach out to see if they have any with it.

The rv is fixed by the bank, so they have no control there. Mf can be marked up, but it really doesn’t matter. If you set your target price based on buy rate and they can get there with a marked up mf, more power to them. It doesnt hurt you in any way.

8% is a very reasonable target discount.


For sure, but I don’t think it hurts coming in telling them both. If anything it shows you did your research and know what you are working with. Either they work with you or don’t want to. The finance guy I worked with even complemented me saying that most people don’t know this stuff coming in.

They can always increase it but the thought behind the proposals is showing that you are not only serious but know what you are talking about (or at least faking it enough that you do ha)


Appreciate everyone’s feedback!

In terms of logistics of making the offer/proposal. Could it be a screen print of LH calculator page?


No! Thatll get you shut down immediately.

All it really needs to be is monthly/das amount, lease terms, incentives you qualify for, zip, and tax rate.

And you really should call out the specific vin/stock number you’re interested in and a note that says if they accept your offer, you can be there within x number of hours to take delivery.

You offer must be unambiguous and immediately actionable to be of any use.

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Perfect. Super helpful. Thank you!

I think 5% is the min discount you should get, 8% is harder, more work, but possible with a wider net. Definitely ask if the vin specific rebate is available. one tried to mark up MF, I simply quoted the rate on the calc and said another dealer was giving me that rate. 24m was a lot cheaper last month for me.