Just threw up a little

Saw the new BMW 7-Series in person for the first time.

Who are the people designing these and the recent RR monstrosities?

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I feel like the X7 just barely pulls off the huge grille but on the 2020 7 it just looks…yeah…no.

Yeah the x7 is borderline at best but the 7 series is just :nauseated_face:

Anyone in the luxury sedan market should pick up any of the remaining 2019s

When I picked up my 2019 750i there was a 2020 in Donington gray with ivory interior in the showroom, and I almost made a pants pancake.

I am not a fan of giant grilles. The Lexus ones in particular are ridiculous, but I also didn’t even cast a glance at the A8. This isn’t a giant grille by today’s standards.

Grill way too big, however, I like the taillights.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder.

I think it is a generational thing. Our fathers would probably consider any of the muscle 70s cars to be the pinnacle of design, so it is the current generation who set the styling.

I didnt like the g05 X5 when i saw it first in the showroom. Now it is the opposite. X7 is selling fine grill or not. 7 was never the leader and likely wont be with the redesign.


I disagree. 70s muscle cars were my father’s thing and I have no nostalgia for them. My MDX is faster than many of them and surely 100x safer (although put modern wheels, tires and brakes on a 1970s big block V8 muscle car and it’s a whole new ballgame).

That said, they those muscle cars are generally thought to look cool. They have cultural cache that extends beyond the baby boomers. Thesee giant grill BMWs seem unlikely to be looked upon favorably in even 10-15 years, never mind 50 years.

bigger is better…don’t you guys know that? :rofl:


Seriously though, it could have looked much better with a smaller grill.


Has it really changed that much from '02? Remember that ugly trunk bulge?! Well that and a crappy idrive system, I don’t know what they were thinking, hey let’s put this confusing tech in a car mostly bought by old farts, just bmw thinking they know what’s best for the customer(hence no android auto still)

Oh yeah and the X7 is pretty ugly, bulges out in weird places, looks like an X5 that ate too much


Isn’t the wireless thing why AA isn’t present in BMW’s?

Not sure exactly what you mean, but Android Auto supports wireless as well. BMW just doesn’t want to implement it for whatever reason.

It’s probably cause das Germans thinks it’s inferior to da Apple

Or they haven’t figured out a way to charge an exorbitant amount for it

Absorbent? You mean exorbitant? :wink:

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BMW has an agreement with apple to only allow carplay. Really dumb since Android auto >>> carplay

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CarPlay is the worst, I never even use it.

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I would buy the 2025 version lmao

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How so? Carplay is a bit better in 13.0

Fixed! :grinning::grinning::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

I used to see tons of 7-series on the road years ago. I don’t think I’ve seen one in several years. Now its either fancy SUVs or Tesla Model S’s