Just signed my lease for a mercedes, felt like I got scammed with the prepaid maintenance fee?



Yea I thought about it, but decided to bet the money on the stock and bonds market instead.


I am always amazed at how people pay that much money for oil + air cabin filter change. AMGs are a little different but still pretty straight forward (off-topic anyways)


I’m not a Merc guy so if you decide to take the deal, go for it but if not…

The above quote is now the most important thing. What haven’t you given them? If it’s anything important you are probably able to stop the deal. Maybe first be nice to the dealer and ask them to at least remove the prepaid maintenance. But if they so no, i’d tell them you are not providing any more documents. If the bank approves the deal you will take car and if not you are walking. I’d assume thet will come to table if you haven’t yet provided all needed documents.


Cabin Air filters are the biggest scam in car maintenance. It literally takes me under ten minutes to change the air filter on both my cars (Acura and Honda). Two minutes to order air filters from my Amazon order history (7 bucks per piece) and three minutes per car to install.

First time it took ten minutes per car when including watching YouTube video. Cabin Air filter in most cars is located in cabin so you don’t even need to pop the hood or get dirty. Meanwhile dealerships want 75 bucks for 3 minutes of labor and 7 dollar part.

Engine air filter may require getting hand a bit dirty but that is still a under 10 minute process with a 12-15 dollar filter.

Added benefit of doing this myself is it’s a sure fire what to catch dirty repair shops. I change cabin air filter before bringing car in. If they say it needs to be replaced, I get out of their ASAP.


Technically I can just not provide the document and fail the credit approval but I would lose the first month payment that I already paid ~$945, according to the contract.


I put my dad in an E450 coupe recently so having attempted the hack I can tell you your price for true sign and drive is fine. The 450 is not the 400 is not the 300 so all this noise around comparative deals is irrelevant. The maintenance question has been answered so go back to the dealer and see what the options are, cancel if you need.


I’m not a lawyer, but are you not held to the contract if you fail credit approval b/c you volitionally don’t hand over the necessary docs? If you are, I just imagine things could get ugly quickly…

I’d try talking to the general manager politely first…


Yeah a polite talk with the GM is probably a good idea. They should remove the maintenance contract in order to seal the deal and keep you happy.

I’m a little confused how you paid first months without the deal being finalized. Was that jusy a deposit? If the bank rejected your application would you forfeit that payment? Does the contract specifically address if you fail to/are unable to provide the requested documents?

Im not sure what California law is on keeping deposits if a deal falls through but I’d doubt California makes it easy for dealers to do so.


If you made the first payment with a credit/debit card, you can just dispute the charge and get it back.


I highly disagree with this statement, I did one of my best hacks ever here. I don’t do CA anymore so I’m comfortable knowing the dealer.