Just signed. 80k Jag XF S Sportbrake, 551/month with tax/fee DAS



honestly for what that car is, it should have never been in that 80K range of MSRP. I get its a Jaguar and Luxury and all, but comon, 80K for an Estate Wagon ? LandRover and Jag have some crazy prices that way. Financial year end, they are unloading all the dead-stock that hasnt moved in 2 years like the SportBreaks.


Anyway sweet ride, I looked into this as well Jaguar of Manhattan had a few, but the numbers were higher than what you posted for your deal.


to me the uniqueness worth 100+/month at least.


I totally agree the MSRP is a little bit high for what it is, especially on the interior side, when you compare with Merc/Volvo…

About the quote, you probably need to give them a little bit more push to get to your target price, dealer usually don’t give up that easy.


Hi - can you let me know what dealer offered you this lease? I couldn’t get any to commit to anywhere that low on a lease deal. It seemed like those huge discounts worked only on a buy not a lease since the residual was so low. Or do you know the 2019 sportbrake lease deals? Thanks!


Just got offered verbally in NorCal the following:

1K Monthly
5K down

I dont think the dealer is really keen on moving the car until they find a sucker.

Im working two dealers locally on this same car.

~80K MSPR down to low low low 50K discount MSPR and Im expecting to be in the 500-600 total monthly lease payment.

WIll see how it goes but its not likely goling to happen.


lease buy shouldn’t matter to your sale price in this particular car, it’s 8000 dealer cash not normal incentives.


Not sure the west coast climate on this car, at least in here(tri-states). I feel dealer are pretty motivated to move the car.


Which dealership is it? How does it drive ? I have the f type now and returning it in June so considering a lease again


Finally pickup the car tonight.For those who reached out to the sales person, he told me he will call you guys as soon as they can do similar deals.


it worked out :+1:t2: congrats


thanks, yeah just some additional doc due to my visa, took a few days to get from HR.