Just leased Q50 premium in South Florida- 340 per month

2017 Q50 premium with Driver assistance- White
MSRP - 46735

39 month/10k
0 out of pocket
For 340 per month inclusive of everything and 1st month on them.(6% FL tax)
Included VPP discount
They also took care of access wear and tear on my Nissan Altima that I turned in.


Great deal man, but I’m surprised you didn’t get more car.

Some co-workers of mine used a guy that I’m now working with, and they got the same payment as you, but they got leather, drivers assistance, and premium plus.

That is nice. When I got the price I wanted so easily, I realized that I could had done even better. But less then 340 to drive a 47K car, I am not complaining.

What dealership in South Florida?