Just leased a 2016 328i (exec demo) $55k msrp for $315/mo w/7MSDs

Yesterday, I picked up a 2016 328i rwd Grey w/Coral Red for $315/mo 2yr/24k (of course I did the 7 MSDs ~2450 and my driveoff was 1st payment+MSDs). White outside with Red would have been an awesome combo but not fortunate enough to locate one this time around.

Carfax showed the executive demo car was used for 3 months with only 1074 on the odo which is awesome. This is my first lease ever and the experience was flawless at century bmw thanks to Loberant & his team. Also, I was fortunate enough to meet him in person and we had a good chat for a few minutes and even got a selfie with the famous guy.

It came with the following goodies :slight_smile: M Sport, Tech, Premium, Driver Assistance, Driver Assistance Plus, Cold Weather, Lighting Package, Power Rear Sunshade/ Rear Manual, Enhanced USB & Bluetooth w/Smartphone Integration, Aluminum Hexagon Trim w/High-Gloss Black Highlight & Harman/Kardon System. The only negative I can think of was I was hoping to be blown away by the HK sound system but not. I currently drive a loaded 2015 Mazda 3 sGT hb with Bose which apparently did a pretty good job since I wasn’t impressed with the HK system.

I drove a 1-way rental from PA to SC to pickup this car and had plenty of time to play with the tech on my drive back and the headup display is pretty awesome. I did play around with the HK system for atleast an hour but haven’t found the sweet spot yet. One positive note is it has ~ 8 graphic equalizers in the menu that should help once I figure out the right adjustments.

MSRP: 55595:
Adjusted Cap ~ 41595
MF: 0.00175
7 MSDs: 2450
New MF: 0.00126
Residual: 68%
Sales Tax: 9% on monthly payments
Remaining tags/reg were bundled into the monthly payment I think.

Monthly Payment ~ 289 +26 (tax) ~ 315
Drive off: 2450 + 315 ~ 2765

If you have other questions, let me know.

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Very nice color combo and options! Enjoy!

Thank you for your business!! Enjoy!!

Wow that’s a really loaded 328i…congrats

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thats really great deal

That’s a killer deal!

wow so awesome! congrats on the car! I gotta email loberant again and see if he can beat out this local deal. :slight_smile: Mother in law may be in the market for a 328 as well, so might be worth looking into something similar.

Thanks everyone… very excited haha.

If you have the Tech Package on the Mazda, you probably have a few features on it that you don’t have on the BMW. Miss the Mazda?

The auto trans model comes with lots of goodies. mine was a stick shift but there are couple things I miss:

  • Walk away feature: Once you turn off the car and get out with the key in your pocket, the car locks automatically if you walk away more than 10ft something.
  • Android auto: There’s a pretty good forum (mazda3revolution) where some of them have posted software to install android auto, video player, android screen mirroring among others to the headunit.
    Most of all, I’ll miss the hatchback space with the seats folded down (I’m surely gonna miss it next summer). Too bad the bimmer hatchbacks don’t come with stick shift. I just realized I didn’t mention this is a stick shift too in my first post :slight_smile:

also, I read the 2017 stick shift model comes with all the tech that was previously included only on the auto… I have great great respect for mazda just for this. they really care

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