Just leased a 19 330i Loaner Vehicle - Lease Protection + Maintenance Questions


Hi Hackers,

I just got a lease on a 19 BMW 330i and turned down the lease end protection and the additional BMW Maintenance plans.

The finance lady said that the maintenance that isn’t covered which is brake 2 brake jobs, and fluid flushes, have to be done by a BMW Dealership. Is this true? Also is the maintenance plan worth getting then? She also mentioned that a loaner is no longer given for warranty stuff, and the plan would cover that as well.

Second thing is the lease end protection. I didn’t get it, but are there any good third party / after market lease end protection policies that I should look at?

I went to one dealership that I had the deal hammered out with and they tried to rob me on the lease end inspection, then I went to another one which I do business with pretty regularly, and they just charged me for two things which were real - an oil change and the mileage I went over. So I would like to avoid being robbed by purchasing a lease end inspection if I can from a third party.

Thank you!

How many miles on the loaner and you doing 36/12 lease or more.
Is she saying loaner don’t get the regular maintenance of 3 yrs. Why you will need 2 brake jobs and 2 fluid flushed in first 3 years of service. Normally it’s oil change and tire rotation for 12/36. Dealer trying to make extra by offering these pkgs.

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It has 4k miles. 1 brake job at 15k she said and another one at 30k. I knew all the details of the previous warranty, this is the first one with the new changed warranty.

I got the lease for 36 months, 36k miles.

That’s complete BS, no brake job at 15k, don’t let all that BS scare you, she was just trying to make profit on you. F&I people are shameless.

Just go in and get the oil changes done and nothing else, they like their BS brake flushes, they were free on the 2018, not sure about 2019


Thats what I thought, my first reaction is to say no to everything they try to sell you, so I did. What about the “you have to get whatever isn’t covered by the standard maintenance warranty by a BMW Dealership” ?

Brakes should last 36k miles. 330i is not M2 or M3 which need pads and even rotors replaced quickly. I been leasing for almost 15 years and never replace brakes or Tires when I turned them in at 36k miles.
Finance folks will try to sell you anything like leather treatment coating for exterior even though it’s leased and will be back in 36 months.

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The fine print says it transfers to loaners too.

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I know that under the previous warranty they maybe replaced the brakes once in the 50k coverage. So I completely agree with you that they may not need to be changed.

The standard maintenance also applies on this vehicle, I understand that. Is there any maintenance that is normally covered that isn’t covered?

Saw that last night, wondering more on if there is something that comes up that isn’t covered, I don’t see a whole lot. And if it is, does it have to be dealership serviced.

Just things the service dept wants to try and sell you, the only thing you’re responsible for is wear items like brakes, and as already stated that shouldn’t be an issue.

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Perfect. What about third party lease end protection? Any good options?

Unless you trash your cars or park on the street or are subject to Jersey potholes, I’d say pass

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Luckily none of that, but on the current lease turn in, the first dealer we went to made a bill of $2k. About $200 of that was justifiable. They wanted a new windshield when there wasn’t a scratch let alone a crack, or ding, etc and $600 for an oil change. No in the future if we don’t have time to go to multiple dealerships then this may be beneficial.

Same situation here, leased a 2018 330e loaner and was told that maintenance was not covered. I had an oil change since and the local dealer did not charge me anything.

Not only is that not true, it’s against the law to force you to service at the dealership


Lack of detail of what your previous lease was, but always get an inspection prior to turn in

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with loaners, is it better to return it at 36k miles?

I am looking at getting one as well but it has 4k miles on it so will have 40k when I return

Should I just do the 10k a year mile plan so that it has under 36k when I return?

Is there a major maintenance difference at 36k miles?

Even if leasing with the same company?

My second lease is up in 6 months and I’m unsure what to do.

Absolutely. There’s this misconception out there that you can return a car with thousands in excess damage charges and they will just be waived because you are remaining loyal. While there can be a fee reduction, it is by no means guaranteed, especially with the more excessive damage you have.

Wouldn’t you rather know what potential charges you may incur before you don’t have recourse on getting these items fixed prior to return?

The only thing they waive is dispo fee if you lease through them again. You will get a bill for the wear and tear (if it’s bad enough).

They can’t even force you to service the car at the dealer. Just take it to a mechanic for maintenance.