Just a NOTE about crazy deals!

Just a conspiracy theory: some crazy deals reported in this forum may come from the salesperson of the dealership to convince people to get into the dealership!

I believe if the intention is to share great deals as is the goal of this forum, we may better to share redacted contract for more transparency.

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Plenty of people share contracts. Take off your tinfoil hat


Your “theory” doesn’t make sense. Many are actually posting contracts. Most of the users here won’t go in without an offer anyway. Somehow it get lost that many of these deals are incentive dependent and won’t apply to everyone…but many refuse to see that.

A salesperson wouldn’t waste their time doing that. Their goal is to make as much profit as they can…


Dealers are the last people who want to share unicorn “loser” deals on the forum, IMO. Sets up unrealistic expectations and results in a barrage of people asking for one-off deals that can’t be replicated.


If you’ve read enough posts you’ll learn that many dealers actually have the opposite reaction when a newer user tries to reference a hacker-worthy type of deal. And I’m betting there’s a good amount of salespeople who won’t even respond to these emails.

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That is what I said!

Sure, if you notice the ones sharing the contract is not as crazy as the one doesn’t! I just talk about the identical conditions

They would get profit with foot-traffic to their dealerships! Same as the other type of retailers

I have spent good amount of time reviewing related posts, and I would be thankful to let me know if I am missing anything. In contrary of your experience, I got response back when I showed them the crazy hacks, with no contract posted. They are salespeople and as @legendsauto mentioned they are interested in sales and profit. They would respond …

That makes sense at first look. That is just a conspiracy theory and I wanted to get you guys’ idea on it

9 times out of 10, quoting a deal here and telling a salesman it’s from leasehackr will get you a response of “I couldn’t even get that price for myself, that site is full of made up numbers”.


also, generally if a dealer provides a pricing “sheet” like is common here, they open their store up to potential lawsuits for price discrimination. let’s say i come in and pay msrp and then see a representative of the same store advertising 20% off on an identical car. you can bet your ass i’m lawyering up.

With all respect, it is not true. You as a customer agree to a price, it is your fault that you couldn’t get a better deal. If your statement is true, all sold/leased cars of same MSRP should be identical, which is not.

it is 100% true. if i was sold at a certain price in-store and then i see that same store advertising 20% less (i’m not talking about the canned dealer website ads that all make gross), that is a huge huge liability for a dealer. it’s also illegal for most brands.

Sorry I mis-understood your statement. You are saying advertisement but most of these crazy deals are posted by anonymous accounts not dealers. It is unofficial. That is the reason I said conspiracy.

and all I am suggesting that we as a community could be better informed if a redacted contract is posted

If i was a salesperson at BMW of Bumblefuck and i publicly advertised a $299 a month deal here on a new 330 (note not loaner), and a) my employer found out or b) bmw corporate found out, i would very much be afraid for my job.

all 4 of my bmw stores, both of my nissan stores, my acura store, all 5 of my volvo stores, and both of my infiniti stores know how i bring business. none of them publicly advertise here for a reason.


Appreciate your comments.
However, disregard of the source of the posts, so many of these deals are infeasible to execute.

Ah, you’re one those posters.

So which dealership do you work for?