June Volvo Deals, no doc fee/free delivery to tri-state

Sorry for the novice question, are recharges still eligible for tax rebate savings on leases?

Yes that is why their taxed rebates are so high

I have ONE XC40 Loaner that is sub $400,

Requires Costco and Loyalty

b5 plus bright
cloud blue on blonde!

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Both parties have spoken, so let’s not escalate further and be sure to stay on topic. This is a marketplace thread, and LH member opinions are welcome, as are business responses.

@chb310 didn’t find @thevolvoguy’s pricing competitive enough, and @thevolvoguy clarified his business model that prioritizes concierge service and not pricing. The personal attack at the end about who can afford what was unnecessary but I believe nobody was hurt so let’s all move on.


@thevolvoguy if i leased a volvo 7 months ago and now need a bigger car, what are my options in terms of ending a lease early? …i know there is a trade up program by volvo, however, what would it look like to just end the lease early by itself.


Congrats, you are stuck until 6 months to the lease end. And even then you must get another Volvo.


The bear is correct

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Call Volvo financial and see what it would cost to end it early. Depending on the discount you got up front and your buyout, it could be nothing. I just ended an XC40 after 6 months for nothing out of pocket. I did it with an xc60 a couple years ago too.

thanks i guess well see what happens. I got a great deal through @thevolvoguy so maybe you would be correct. Thank you!

That can happen, it’s called an early termination quote. It doesn’t always work but you would have to call VCFS directly to see if its an option.

Have a Black on Black XC60 B5 Plus loaner

Sub $600 with costco and loyalty!

Also have a XC90 b6 plus SIlver on Black with costco and loyalty

$650 per month!

Man you guys really show up!

Loaner XC40 Sold and delivered
Loaner XC90 Pending for today!

Thanks for the support


Looking for Polestar deal in Ct

Looking for a s60 in NJ any leads?

Pick a stock number https://www.empirevolvocarssmithtown.com/