🔥 JUNE Jeep Deals (CDJR) - JUNE DEALS COMING SOON - Metro NYC Dealer w Free Home Delivery

Refreshing Custom Order Discounts for November!!


If No Affiliate Subtract 1.5%


  • Wrangler 4xe - 10%
  • Grand Cherokee 4xe - 10%
  • Wrangler Gas - 11%
  • Wrangler 392 - 8.5%
  • Gladiator - 11%
  • Grand Cherokee & GC L - 11%
  • Compass & Cherokee - 11%
  • Renegade - 10%
  • Wagoneer & Grand Wagoneer - 10%


  • Charger - 10%
  • Challenger - 10%
  • Durango - 11%
  • Hornet - 10%


  • Ram 1500 - 13.5%
  • Ram TRX - 8.5%
  • Ram 2500 & 3500 - 13.5%

Transport - Guaranteed Rates Regardless of Gas Prices at Time of Delivery!

  • Free Dealer Pick-Up (FL)
  • Flat-rate Florida Home Delivery - $299
  • Metro NYC (NY/NJ/CT/Eastern PA) - $999 To Westchester NY office, or $1249 Home Delivery
  • Flat Shipping of $1800 to anywhere in CA
  • For efficiency & logistical purposes: Must pick-up or ship through us

Rates & Programs Disclosure - PLEASE READ :open_book:

  • All Rates Quoted are based on today’s current, existing lease programs - this is subject to change based on final month of delivery.
  • Vehicles with valid “Special Lease Programs” (aka subvented by the manufacturer/lender) are eligible to have a program lock - However, for vehicles without Special Lease Programs, they are not eligible for program/price locking. Please confirm without ordering.

Contact Process
If you know what you want, have your build link ready, are comfortable with the discount, and want to submit your order asap: Here’s the link to do so!

If you have some more questions that you need answered you can do the following

  • 1.) Pick out vehicle of interest

  • 2.) View Calculator Tab, Insert Local Tax Rate & Configure Deal

  • 3.) Email nick@autoleaseninjas.com with:
    a.) Model of Interest
    b.) Build Link
    c.) Reg Zip Code
    d.) Lease Return/Trade Info
    e.) Miles Per Year

  • In other good news - we can now e-contract which should make the process way smoother, and no wet ink is required!

  • We also now have our own dedicated finance manager with a new pay plan to ensure an even better customer experience!

  • We will continue to try to make the process even smoother the more and more we do!

About Auto Lease Ninjas

  • The Auto Lease Ninjas LLC was founded in 2019 to help make the auto leasing process stress free and easy. The ALN team handles the auto leasing process from start to finish. Customers can browse our selection of deals, calculate their payment and work with our ninjas to identify the perfect vehicle for them. Once the customer finalizes their choice of vehicle, all the preliminary paperwork can be done from the comfort of your living room and in most cases, the car can be delivered straight to your door!
  • We are bonded :white_check_mark: and licensed :scroll:
  • Our Reviews :writing_hand: : AutoLeaseNinjas (Northeast, South Florida, SoCal) Review Page. We Buy Cars & Lease Returns (Any Brand)

10% off on the hellcats too?


Slow down there slick :slight_smile:

Hellcats/TRX/392 etc are on a case by case basis. They will likely be priced at invoice, unlike the regular trim deals which are far greater of a discount. Feel free to email if interested at one priced at invoice


Are there any deals on in-stock Grand Cherokees?

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Yes - but only have some trims - please email nick@autoleaseninjas.com with what you’re looking for as well as your zip code, miles per year, trade/lease return info etc.

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What is the location of pick up ?

I’m excited to see another CJDR broker in the NY area! It might be helpful to list the doc fee and broker fee for those comparing prices.

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What’s the lead time to get the stated discount on Cherokee’s? Or is that on in stock only?

8-16 weeks for build time. We can do an in stock deal, but obviously it probably won’t fit your build spec to a tee. We can honor the same discount if it’s an inbound unit - for in stock - there will be a $2k discount penalty (per dealer policy).

@AutoNinjas Can you also do purchases on these?

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Yes we can do purchase or finance!

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Inquiry just sent! Thanks!

Just want to clear up some PMs for everyone - No, we do not have 4xe’s in stock. We will notify if that changes, but it will only be if someone backs out of a sold order - which is extremely rare.

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Broker Fee is our Standard $499

Doc is $899, No Acquisition Fee Mark Up (So comparably its $599)

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@AutoNinjas is the offer available for PA residents ?

Hello @AutoNinjas, do you still have Jeep deals in Central Florida? If so, where can I find the link to the deals?

Hey! Nick handles all of the Jeep deals regardless of zip code, email him your zip code and what you’re looking for. We also have another thread

@Sbatra - available nationwide

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Just messaged you regarding 2022 Ram order. Are they still open?

Yes - please email!

Cmon, get a NY State dealer on board . Boooo to NJ dealers .