June '21 OH, KY, IN, IL +, BMW - You must really love BMW to pay the going rate thread. 2k off sticker (that's no typo)

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Update 6/10/21

Extremely slim pickings in the Midwest on BMW. Inventory is so tight, discount is only a couple grand off sticker. Laugh if you want, however they’re still selling, so no need for them to be discounted further. This also applies to builds.

I don’t anticipate things getting better any time soon either. If you want a BMW in the midwest, I’d suggest looking elsewhere if you’re ok with traveling. Otherwise, you’re going to pay to play.

Demos remain scarce, and most demos available aren’t much more than 4-5k off sticker not including the mileage penalty.

Will keep this thread alive for now just in case, however, for those expecting 10-12% off new, and 15-20% off a demo, you will have a better chance of winning the lottery in regard to the midwest, period.

My fee: 450.00

Please contact me at PM here, text at 412-540-5032, or via email at yourleaseconsultant@gmail.com.

When contacting me, please provide the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Zip Code + Distance willing to travel to pick up vehicle
  3. Current lease end date, make and model (if applicable)
  4. What you are currently interested in
  5. Estimated monthly payment, how much cash due at signing you are willing to apply, and if you are interested in using MSDs to lower your rate
  6. What current incentives you believe you currently qualify for

I’d also like to take a minute and clear up a few common questions I’ve received recently:

  1. Where is the vehicle located?
    A: When filling out your information to submit to me, I’ve added in the instructions to provide a distance you are willing to travel to pick up the car. This will let me know right off the bat if the dealership is too far away from you. If you are within driving distance specified, I will provide some details about the car, along with what you’re going to spend. Once we come to an agreement, and my fee is paid, I will connect you with the dealership to continue the transaction.

  2. Broker A can do this deal for 20%, 18%, 16%, etc…off. Can you match it?
    A: If you provide me with a firm quote on dealership letterhead indicating the car you are looking at (same specs, cost, etc) can be found elsewhere for less than I am currently offering, yes, we can match. Otherwise, the prices listed in the spreadsheet are firm with no further negotiation.

  3. I would take your deal if you can come down another 5% off. Can you do that?
    A: See answer 2 above

  4. Will the dealership ship the car to me?
    A: Shipping can be arranged at your cost. Dealership will not ship the vehicle for free, or eat the cost of shipping.

  5. Do you only have vehicles that are listed on your spreadsheet?
    A: If you are interested in something that is not listed, please reach out and provide some information as to what you are looking for. I’ll work with you to find the vehicle to meet your needs, provided your needs are realistic :smiley:

Link to review page:


Messaged you


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PSA: I’ve had several folks contact me indicating they will wait and see what happens the final week of the month in hopes pricing will come down further yet.

If you are at all interested, please don’t. I can assure you no further discounting will happen on these until mid month in Feb, if at all then. You are going to lose out if you don’t act now as I or the dealership will end up selling them in the meantime.

Likewise, and it was mentioned in my first post above, pricing is firm. There is no further negotiations. Don’t assume the dealership will give further discount just to make a sale.

  • if the price is 400/mo for 10k, no, you can not get 12k for 400 instead

  • no, the dealer will not knock off an additional dollar figure to get your business today.

  • no, the dealership does not care that the color of the car is not your preferred color, and will not compensate you with more discount as a result.

  • no, there are no corporate pull-ahead programs at this time, and no, dealership will not eat your remaining payments. You would either have to pay cash to pay off your existing payments or roll your remaining lease into the new lease. Either way, it will be at your cost. You can attempt to sell it third party to pay off balance on your own as well.

Not trying to be mean, but don’t want you to waste your time either if you think you can score additional money off. You can’t, at least on the cars I am listing.

Thank you


@YourLeaseConsultant all brokers should just copy and paste what you wrote into their threads as that is a universal statement.

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Is it 2019 again? :grin:

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Please update your OP and title to account for the MF markup. Looks like it’s approximately a 1% effective difference.

Not sure I understand what you mean. 21% is 21% regardless of the MF bump, correct? Not trying to be a jerk, but at the same time, not sure I’ve seen anyone else have to post that there’s a 2BP increase in MF either, unless it simply isn’t disclosed. It’s clearly marked in my calc links though.

Edit: Nevermind. I won’t argue. Title + post updated.

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last of the 2020 demo deals. Lease support on 2020s will end next week:

All numbers below are + Tax. Doc, Reg and first payment due at signing. Doc fee will be 303. Title/Reg fees may vary based on your location. Please contact me for assistance. Acquisition fee included and capped. Can be paid upfront at your discretion to lower payment. MSDs can be used to reduce MF.

'20 3 Series 20% off - 358 + Tax with loyalty, or 382 + Tax with conquest
'21 750i 21% off - 828 + Tax with loyalty
'20 NEW 840i xDrive Cp - 791 + Tax w/loyalty
'20 NEW M850i xDrive Cp - 1049 + Tax w/Loyalty

Additional incentives available to further reduce price:

$1,000 college grad (must be 6 months from graduation from an accredited university/college OR 2 years post-graduation)

$500 Penfed/Military

$500 for OL code. I am unable to supply OL codes. They must be obtained by the purchaser/lessee.

Hi- do you have any M340is available?

No demos, only new or a custom build.

What’s the monthly rate for a new M340i?

depends on where you’re at, how many miles you need, what incentives you qualify for, etc…

Please PM me your information and I can take a look. Thank you.

Please see above post for latest March BMW deals just updated. Time is running out. Get 'em while you can.

You can also visit my Google sheet at…

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Last chance! Must take delivery by Wednesday!

20% off 330i xDrive 358+Tax - (rate = .00106). DAS= 667 + first payment
17% off x3 30e - 453 + Tax - (rate = .00106). DAS = 800 + first payment
17% off 530i xDrive $481 + Tax - (rate = .00106) DAS 800 + first payment
16% off x3M 647 + Tax - (Rate =.00086) DAS 667 + first payment

14% off NEW 840i xDrive CP - 791+Tax (Rate = .00086) DAS 667 + first payment
14% off NEW M850i xDrive CP - 1049 + Tax (Rate = .00086) Das 667 + first payment

When is the update coming?

any x3 with Harmon Kardon?

Spreadsheet has been updated for April. X3s are the big one this month.

Nothing on my spreadsheet has HK

April (Last update 4/12/21)

15% off x1: 383 + Tax with Loyalty. DAS: 629 + First payment
16% off x3: 399 + Tax with Loyalty: DAS: 629 + First Payment
3 other x3s at similar savings.

Inventory is tight. Discounts will be harder to come by. Grab them while you can.