🚀 June 2021 Audi ~ Q5 Prem Plus 52k MSRP 2.5k DAS $519 plus tax 36/7.5k~ EZ Auto Group SoCal

Hi, any deals on a 2020 or 2021 Q3 standard 36/10 in zip 90024?

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Hello any deals for 2020 or 21 Q5 or Q7 36/10 in 90501?

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@ashleykarimi @Lena_M I have sent messages out. Thank you!

To everyone that sent or is going to send a message for pricing. Please be specific with what you want. Do not message us saying.

Any deals on A4?.

Please be specific with what you want this is a very busy time for not only me but all brokers and dealers on here.
Please include the following when messaging us.

Term/ Miles
Color etc.

What were the particulars on this deal?

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Any deals on 2021 sq5 p+

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this avialable at 10k miles?

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@theoracle101 yes it is, please text us 8182630533

Sent you a message!

@EZAutoGroup any deals for Q5 2021 Premium+ in Bay area, 36/10k?

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@carmccarface sent you a message.

@EZAutoGroup can I get deals for Q5 in bay area? do you deliver in bay area?

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No it would need to be picked up in SoCal until next month. We can make a deal for you in bay area next month.

Sam, do you have any deal for Q5 e, 2020 model?


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for this Q5, can I go for the 10,000 mil?

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We have expanded to NorCal! Pick up and Delivery on all makes in NorCal is now available!

Please text or call
NorCal or SoCal
Sam (818) 263-0533

Do you have any 2020 audi etron prestige?

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Any deals for 2021 A4 Premium? 36mo / 10k

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New programs come out tommorrow. Please text us for pricing tomorrow. 818-263-0533