🛻 JUN TOYOTA All states! DEALERS NATIONWIDE! BELOW invoice! 24 taco $4k off TUNDRA upto $12k off! Best pricing USA

I am looking for an LE as well. There are just no deals on this car.

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I’m wanting one badly.

I have white in stock. I bet end of month I can do msrp with my fee inc if it’s still there. My dealer is def marking them up to the public

Yes I can do like 1500 off or so depending on trim. The primes are a better deal imo

Do you mind messaging me the details please? Thank you

Jim are there any incentives on the tundras to lease by now? Don’t want to waste your time texting until they start offering them

@Jrouleau426 I’m texting you.

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There are incentives you can use if we don’t use Toyota bank. First post has approx pricing

Up to $12,000 off 1794 tundras right now! Platinums close to 11k off as well.

I have an extra $1000 off all in stock tundras this month. Can use that and the 1-2k rebate for leasing if you use affinity or ally banks also.





Hi @Jrouleau426

2024 Land Cruiser

When is first available inventory?

Are you able to do RAV4 XLE PREMIUM?

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Most are stuck in qc hold. Feel free to pm me what you want if you want to reserve one

What is the best price for 1794 or limited right now if financing through TFS?

Read the first post here and text for quotes. Inventory is there as well

hi jim. stock #54 on your sheet .blue tundra crewmax. whats the lease on that ? thanks bill

also how do i find out what the accessories letters and numbers mean.

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