💯 July Volvo NYCLIFE [NY, NJ, PA, CT]

Thought I posted this apparently not:


Quentin, now that XC40s qualify for A-plan pricing, I wonder does it also extend to Costco discounts and the potential for some XC40 deals?

Didn’t Costco expire?

It did my bad… the pricing doesn’t reflect Costco. I need to remove the side part

You did post this. I saw it before, no harming posting again tho.

Posted it for June not July!

Is Philadelphia, Pa and Main Line area included? I am near Keystone

Added a new demo XC90 and S60

What’s approx sign and drive total with your fee?

Added an XC60 T8 Rdesign for 437!!

I thought that the S60 T6 R Design and inscription have $4,750 in rebates on NJ. I don’t see them in the calc. Is this reflected in the sale price?

If a family member owns a volvo, does that qualify for loyalty?

In household!!