JULY Kia Inventory deals northeast or nationwide shippin Top $ for trades! Sportage phev +3k

man you juuuuust missed one.

Story of my life

Same :confused: I’m a plug in Sorento stalker.

Should have more inventory posted friday


Why was this one offered at MSRP when all the other Tellurides are going for $5k over? I don’t understand.

Because different dealerships have different prices

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Looking for kia seltos in NJ 36mo/7.5k mi lease

Hi I’m new here so how does this work? I just buy at the price of the marked price + fees + taxes + broker fee and it gets delivered to my door?

Looking for an EV6 at MSRP.

Have like 20 people waiting for ev6 under $2000 markup. If you want to get on that list just shoot me a text


Any updates for inventory?

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telliruide in NJ PA?

Phev sportage available. Blue/black 3k over msrp fee included. 175 doc fee. Tax tags. Pick up or ships from the northeast

Text if interested


Probably only have a few days to buy this to get current tax credit on the PHEV. As soon as president signs the Inflation Reduction Act after Congress passes it tomorrow, the current credit goes poof.

Won’t be an issue to provide vin and purchase agreement. Just can’t do bill of sale until car arrives.

Ah, interesting. Hopefully such a purchase agreement meets the IRS definitions of a binding contract come next year. Anyway, sorry didn’t mean to take your thread off track. Just saw the other ev tax credit thread, will ask a question there instead.

IRS definition

“a binding written contract is defined as a contract that is enforceable under local law against the taxpayer or predecessor and does not limit damages to a specified amount (for example, by use of a liquidated damages provision)”

Pretty simple to write something up. Written contracts are enforceable by law, no dealer would go through the effort/expenses of doing so however.

You would first have to be audited to even have to deal with the irs anyway. Odds of that are pretty slim, however, lately maybe not so much

Simple call to any ones accountant should be able to clear it up before purchase. As always consult professionals.

Have an ev6 wind awd at 3k over. My fee is included. 2 gtline 5k over. Purchase order will. W done today so you get the tax credit.

Ev6 wind blk/blk tech package 55,165 msrp

Text if interest. Must be locked in asap to get the tax credit.



Last burst of fire…

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Waiting for Jim to go 2K fee…