July Bolt pricing

The best offer I’ve seen is $4,500 dealer discount plus $2,000 worth of IVCs. Not sure how it translate to lease payment, maybe $200/month?

On top of that we need GM to throw the whole 7.5k federal rebate in there and then we will be talking :slight_smile:

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Lol. Can’t wait to least the Bolt for $100/month.


$100 per month with nothing down? You may need to develop a new payment calculation to make that math work.

It seems like you’re having a hard time picking up sarcasm.

Sarcasm could turn to reality as soon as this month’s numbers are in … Perhaps in two days …

I predicted wrong. July numbers were strong for Bolt/. There goes the $99 Bolt :slight_smile:

Coming off June’s highest sales level (with 1,642 copies sold), GM promptly extended the Summer shutdown at the car’s Orion, Michigan plant….and then posted the 2017 sales high in July, with 1,981 sales in limited release!

And although, there was north of 7,000 copies at dealers or in transit (good for 110+ days worth of stock), GM noted the shutdown was Sonic petrol car related (as sales of the subcompact have cratered over the past couple years).

The story of Bolt EV inventory was so prevalent, GM even broke cover and made a statement, pointing out that:

“There are only 7,000 Bolt EVs in dealer stock or in transit. Divide that by the number of Bolt/certified dealers and we have roughly 6 per store. That is hardly overstocked.”

Given the sales trends – 4 consecutive months of new 2017 highs, GM’s story that the extended shutdown was based on the poor performing Sonic, and not the Bolt EV checks out.

Further to that, GM surprised the market and opened up nationwide orders in June (a month early), with the first copies set to arrive in August.

Hopefully adding in 32 more states to the mix next month will help the Bolt EV continue to set new year-highs for the rest of the year – we look forward to be able to report a sales month for the 238 mile EV that starts with a “3”.

Just put down that deposit for the model 3 and wait for the Bolt price to come down to $99/month. If not, take the model 3 :slight_smile:

Great plan! I will pick a $99/month Bolt over the model 3 any day too.

The saying is - A bolt in hand is worth 2 Model 3’s in the bush lol …