July BMWs: X3M TAX CREDITS! 330i xDrive portimao M sport - 11% off new. M8 Convertible-22.1% off! 228/M235 tax credits!

Here are your Texas May BMW deals!

We have heavy discounts on remaining 2019s, especially loaners, because in an extremely rare circumstance, leasing for 2019s was extended AGAIN.

People have been asking about BMW paying your first two payments. This is also applicable in Texas, BUT it is not available on true M cars - M2, M4, M5, M8, etc. We are not including this in deals we post, because it can get confusing for those who have conquest and those who don’t qualify. Contact us regarding this if you do qualify.

Bear with me as I update the spreadsheet, because there are many new additions, it’s really time-consuming, and I’m busy at work!

See posts below (at the end) for the most recent deals!


Expecting any 750 or 850s?

Located in TX

Hi, I’m Miami and I’m looking for a X3 or X1. Do you have something available?

Hi Esteban!
Please email us at insight.auto.consulting@gmail.com and Ashleigh dot Paige at gmail (sorry, didn’t want bots getting my email!) and we’ll discuss the options we have that fit your needs.

Done, thanks



Are there any sedan deals in tx?

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Definitely. Can you e-mail us above as I mentioned to the other person?


My sister in law is sending an email your way

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Thanks! Feel free to message her name so we know her when she sends it!

Hi, did you receive my email?


Hi Esteban, I did. I was dealing with a storm at work today, but I’m going through everything now and will get back to you shortly!

  • Ashleigh
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Thanks Ashleigh, today I receive an offer but is from New York too far to my house. Can I share with you the deal in order to see if you can find something similar??

Absolutely. Feel free to just send it to the e-mail string we already have open.

Spreadsheet updated!

I put in some great deals. All cars can be shipped anywhere. A few of them are:

2019 X5 40i xDriveNEW, not a demo or loaner – 13.7% off!
MRSP $66,xxx
Arctic grey with black interior
Remote Start
Heated Armrests and Steering Wheel
harman/kardan stereo
With $2,500 due at signing on a 36/10 lease: $748 for Texas (includes tax) or $620 + tax for other states.
Requires OL and loyalty. Adjust the pricing otherwise.

2019 X5 40i xDriveLoaner with 3,000 miles – 14.1% off!
MSRP $67,xxx
Black Sapphire with Black Vernasca
Convenience Package
Heated Front and Rear Seats
Heated Steering Wheel
Parking Assistance Package
Remote Start
20" Wheels
Luggage Compartment Package
With $2,500 due at signing on a 36/10 lease: $748 for Texas (includes tax) and $641 + tax for other states.
Requires loyalty and OL. Adjust the pricing otherwise.

2019 X7 xDrive50i100% new – not a demo or loaner – 10.1% off.
MSRP $105,xxx
Arctic Grey on Black Vernasca Leather
Cold Weather Package
M Sport Package
Premium Package
22" wheels
Trailer Hitch
Sky Lounge LED Sunroof
Glass Controls
Captain’s Chairs
With $3,000 due at signing on a 36/10 lease: $1,143 for Texas (includes sales tax - $6,000 on this one!) or $975 + tax for other states.
Requires loyalty. Adjust pricing otherwise. OL sweetens the deal.

2020 X3M Competition – 100% new – 10% off (added to spreadsheet link above on 11/26)
MSRP $84,xxx
Toronto Red Metallic on Sakhir Orange/Black
Executive Package
Driving Assistance Plus Package
Ventilated Front Seats
21" Wheels
With $2,500 due at signing on a 36/10 lease: $1,000 (includes Texas ($4,600)) or $868 + tax for other states.
Requires loyalty. Adjust pricing otherwise. OL sweetens the deal.



Half off broker fees through Sunday on all cars listed here/in the spreadsheet linked in the top post!

Remember that we have a BRAND NEW X5 listed for 13.7% off! We also have a loaner X5 for 14.1% off. The 2019s are a great deal, considering there are no incentives for the X5 40i on either 2019s or the 2020s. The residual is higher for the 2019 than it is for the 2020, and stock is running thin!


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NEW 2019 BMW 330i
Portimao blue with black vernasca with blue stitching
M Sport
Premium Package
Track Handling
Wireless Charging
Aluminum Mesh Trim Finishers
Remote Start
Ambient Lighting
harman/kardon sound

$499/month, INCLUDING Texas taxes
$3,000 due at signing, plus $3,500 in MSDs
(This is about $620 with zero due at signing, making it a TRUE “1% deal.”)

States OTHER than Texas
$419 + tax (adjust the calculator)
$2,500 due at signing + $3,150 in MSDs

Requires loyalty. Adjust the pricing otherwise.


NEW 2020 X3M Competition
Toronto Red Metallic/Sakhir Orange with Black
Executive Package
Driving Assist Plus
Ventilated Front Seats
M seatbelts
21" Wheels

$950 with $2,500 due at signing for Texas
$817 + tax with $2,500 for other states (adjust the calculator)
Requires loyalty. Adjust the pricing otherwise.


Do you have any 330i in the inventory for lease?
Thank you

Yes, what are you looking for? Please message me. I posted one 330i above that is fairly well-loaded and is a great deal, but we have many others right now too.

looking for 330i with ambience lighting/ heated seats/ blind spot assist/ nav
any color would be ok. 10k/36 with 0 down. I have excellent credit.

What’s your budget, and do you have loyalty?