July 21', Summer of Audi...Midwest Audi deals

  • My fee = $450

Current inventory and pricing can be found at the link below. Inventory changes daily due to arrivals and sales.



Audi pull-ahead…if you have 3 months or fewer remaining and are leasing through Audi Financial, you can get out of your lease and into a new Audi.

NEW FOR JULY…Audi Loyalty Private offer!

  • Eligible customers will receive a private offer certificate with a unique offer code

  • Offer amount will be 500 - 1000

  • Unique offer code is required + cannot be shared with someone outside the immediate household

  • Applies to all new Audi vehicles EXCEPT the following:

    R8 Coupe/Spyder
    RS Q8
    RS5 Coupe/Sportback

  • Private offer can be stacked with current lease incentives 500 Audi A3/S3 loyalty, Penfed/Military and the Association Benefit Program (ABP + Penfed/Military cannot be combined, however).

NO FURTHER NEGOTIATION. Won’t matter if you buy on first or last day of the month. Pricing will be the same or worse than it currently is due to chip shortage and low inventory. In other words, don’t wait thinking you’ll score a few bucks more off/month waiting till the last minute. It won’t happen, and you could likely cost yourself money or a deal in the meantime.

AudiCare can be added for 1199 (899 for A3, S3 and Q3, 999 for e-tron) and 1% residual increase.


Can you update your posts to either include your broker fee, or clarify what it is?

Updated in first post

Interested. What is the color combo, and what options are included?

I have 800+ credit score. I am interested to get this deal done today.

sold yesterday

Rs6 or RSQ8 available at 3% off?

Both would be 3%

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is this Etron’s promotion still available? my zipcode is 46530

Yes. Send me a PM or email. Will need to know how many miles/yr you need, whether you’re a costco member and whether you wanted AudiCare or not. Thank you.

What do you have on the Q8?

10% before incentives.
Send me a PM or email. Will need to know how many miles/yr you need, whether you’re a costco member and whether you wanted AudiCare or not. Thank you.

UPDATE 4/19/21

Hello all.

Couple items:

  1. When sending me requests, please include the following, as it helps speed up the process.

    • Name, so I can track your deal in my system
    • Miles/yr needed
    • If you are a Costco member
    • Your zip code
    • General idea of what you’re looking for (Color, options, etc)
  2. NO FURTHER NEGOTIATION! The price I give you is the price you pay. Please don’t reach out and anticipate I can get you more off. I can’t. Nothing personal, but you’re just wasting our time if you expect more.

  3. NO shipping. All cars must be picked up and signed for in person. Store policy. I cannot change that, nor can I get you an exception.

  4. If you’re not interested after I provide you numbers, please just tell me you’re not interested instead of disappearing. I promise you, I won’t be offended. Again, I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but common courtesy goes a long way. I have no idea if I should follow up with you because you’re deciding on something, just thinking it over, or realized it was out of your budget. I’d much rather hear “Thanks but no thanks” than being ghosted.

  5. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please understand that I have other folks that I’m working with here as well, and may not get back to you immediately. If you don’t hear from me within 2 days, please reach back out.

  6. Most importantly…COSTCO IS SLATED TO END 4/30. On Saturday 5/1, you will not get a Costco rebate. GET YOUR REQUESTS IN NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.


Can you do Kia in Michigan?


Does the A4 deal have all fees rolled in except first month and 645 das? and is tax included in the 315? can NY do msd? thanks.

645 DAS would change based on NY State registration + title fees. Tax is not included. No way to include tax as everyone’s tax jurisdiction is different. MSDs can be used.

You MUST pick up car. No shipping and no e-signatures.

Do you have any Q5 Premium Plus in blue or silver /w dark interior? You can message me if that helps. Thanks

I believe that has recently changed. AFS will kick back contracts with MSDs for NY residents, even if originating dealer is is not in NY. Best to confirm with your Audi dealers.

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You might be right. I can’t run a program with MSDs in my desking software anymore for a NY resident regardless of the dealer location being in a different state

Update 4/26/21

Hello everyone.
Last week to pick up Costco incentive. Car must be picked up by Friday. No exceptions.

Speaking of pick up, I am still getting requests for the following. I will reiterate it here once again.

  1. Car must be picked up for and signed in person. No exceptions! No shipping. Dealer policy. I cannot get you a waiver or exception to this rule.

  2. NO FURTHER NEGOTIATION. None. I really cannot stress this enough. If I tell you the car will be 500/mo, don’t ask if I can get you to 480/mo and you’ll sign immediately. It’s to the point now that I will simply ignore you if you try to negotiate further. The dealer does not need to sell 1 more car this month to you at 15% off. The dealer is not interested in shaving another 50/mo off the already strong discount of 12% to make you happy. If you don’t like the price I quote you, I won’t be able to help you unless you select a lower spec car. Simple as that. I can’t change the programs.

Thank you to all that have taken delivery this month, and I hope you are enjoying your new cars. There’s still time for the rest of you to cash in on the Costco promotion though. As long as you can take delivery before close of business on Friday, you’re good.