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Hello Leasehackr!

Just wanted to introduce myself - My name is Jerry and I am the Internet Manager for JP Auto Brokers. After finding Leasehackr, I’ve done a ton of research and have obtained deals on several vehicles over the last few months. Previously I worked in the car industry but have now moved on to brokering leases as well as renting cars out on the app Turo (if you need a rental car around LA don’t hesitate to ask :smile:.

As I am just starting out, I will not be charging ANY sort of fee to the customer. It’s entirely risk free- just get quotes from other brokers as well as dealerships and let me try to beat their price. If I can’t (which would be rather unfortunate) I will let you know immediately. I want to make sure YOU get the best deal, so even if you’ve received deals that I can’t beat I can read them over and let you know if it’s something that you should take immediately.

Note* Due to high volume of people that message us just for quotes, we will no longer be providing exact numbers until a credit check or $100 deposit (refunded after you submit credit) has been provided. Tell us the price you want and the price you have been offered and we will let you know if we can beat it. We apologize for this hassle, but it is to ensure we are able to spend as much time searching for deals for actual customers.

If you’re interested in a quote don’t hesitate to contact me day and night. I will help you find a car from any brand.

Cell (text preferred): 626-586-4943 (David)


Edited - thanks for letting me know.


0 down you mean as in no drive offs?


I’ve updated the post to accurately reflect the true cost.


Thank you and welcome to the community.


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Highly recommend! Great communication and very knowledgeable.


Hi Jerry,

Im looking for $0 drive off lease and lowest payment possible for for a BMW X3 lease. My FICO IS A 730.