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Welcome :grin:
I think seeing more examples of some your deals can be helpful to everyone


Agree with snowman. I will start by asking.
What does you Ford Explorer deals look like?

#4 is advertising a $239, 36 month lease on a Flex SEL. What are the Res. Value and money factor?


hahaha wowww jonathan… just wow. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

i want 20k off a raptor so i can resell it. :slight_smile:


Me too!..


hey man. heard fords having steering wheel problems :wink:


2018 Ford Flex SEL 202A Package
RCL $239/mo + $2,539 Due At Signing
10,500 Miles for 36 Months.
Residual: 0.53
MF/Rate: 0.5


Don’t know if OP is still around here but I’d be interested in the numbers on this stock number



His email is in the first post. Why not try that?