Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 75th edition

What is the MF and residual on 2016 Jeep wrangler unlimited 75th edition?
I live in Louisville, Ky
Thanks for any info!

Hey Jon, I’m looking for the same info and also in Louisville. Have you found anything yet?

2016 Wrangler Unlimited Sport/Willy’s/Freedom/Black Bear
24/15K: 76% residual, .00193 MF
36/15K: 69% residual, .00193 MF

2016 Wrangler Unlimited 75th Edition/Sahara/Back Country
24/15K: 67% residual, .00193 MF
36/15K: 61% residual, .00193 MF

I got a quote from one of the dealers at detroit like this:
36 months, 12k miles 0down, $475 / month

This is after I get an employee discount of 5%.
He never mentions about the residual amount.

Should I take it?

At first blush, absolutely not. (particularly given that Wranglers don’t have working airbags lol)
Post more details, MSRP, sales price etc and we can advise. Are you a Chrysler /FCA employee? Maybe you can peek into the system and see the true “cost” lol.

But definitely, if you are an FCA employee/contractor, I would not dream of parking a Lexus in that employee parking lot lol :slight_smile:

Sticker price is $45,490.00
After my employee discount and dealer discount the price he quoted - $41,043
During our discussion, he said residual amount is around 62%. When I asked about he never confirmed.
Also, he said residual is calculated based on sticker price which sounds absurd.
Based on these numbers, I think I should be less than $450/month.
Please suggest.

Depends on the trim and mileage as noted above. 36/15k For Unlimited is 61% residual, so likely that it will be a couple of points higher (63%) for 36/12k.450 for a 45k car sounds about right, not a steal but not a bad start either

That part is correct. The sale price you end up with should have no effect on the value of the car in 2-3 years. If someone leases it at sticker price, with zero discount, it will be worth the same as someone who leased the exact same model with a 5k discount. The end value will be the same because it’s still the same vehicle with the same options.

For the 45k vehicle,
62% residual gives $480/month
63% residual gives $467/month
And the quote he gave me is $475/month…
So I don’t see where my employee discount is helping me…
Does this seem right??

What did you factor for drive off costs such as acq fee, prep fee, tax, title, reg etc ? That can easily be 1.5k which when rolled and added to lease add extra 40 a month?