Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Florida Dealer offered UL Sahara JL @ $510 per month with taxes. Price at $53,500 MSRP. DP $5,000. MF .00230 with 51% R for 60 months?

What’s the lowest purchase price I can offer?? $40k or 25% under MSRP … invoice price should be at $47,800 / my offer will be at 15% under.

Did I read that right? 60 month term?

I think it’s a terrible idea to lease for 60 months… the residuals on Wrangler are strong and that money factor is stupid high.

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Why pay $35.6k to drive a car out of warranty for a couple years that only costs $53k to purchase?

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only in FL do you come across a dealer trying to pawn off 60 mo leases.

That’s just silly…and that’s with $5k down too lol

They’ll laugh at you if you offer 15% under invoice. You’ll be lucky to get 15% off MSRP. They don’t struggle too much to sell the new JLs.

Once again join the group I talked about earlier for the wrangler get it for 1% under invoice and work with a bank other then Chrysler you’re also leasing the wrong jl you need the sport for a better residual otherwise it’s not worth it

Wrangler is easily among the most over-rated vehicles in America, but boy does it make a ton of money for Chrysler based on “perception” alone.

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Agreed. POS vehicle. Bare bone inside, terrible ride, terrible gas mileage, road noise is outright awful.

Hey, I guess people wanna look cool in a bright orange wrangler with the top down. Baywatch here we come…“Suns Out…Gunz Out”