Jeep Wrangler JL 20% off MSRP?


Reading through various Jeep forums it appears there are a few people achieving 20% off MSRP for purchases. I considered leasing one, but there is no way i can stay within mileage so decided just to buy it with the current financing deal of free money for 72 months on top of discounts.

Has anyone here actually successfully got that level of a discount? If so, where was it? Here in SW FL no dealers will play ball. My local dealer here in Naples laughed at the suggestion - then again, there is so much cash money in this town they don’t need to do a darn thing beyond manufacturer incentives. He actually said they had hit record numbers this quarter.

I traveled up to PA to get my Tacoma lease last year so i have no problem going to wherever it is. Looking for a Loaded Sahara in Bikini Blue. Matching hard top is preferable but can always be added later. LMK if anyone has dealer info on anyone doing these discounts. Wife is in healthcare so qualifies for that rebate for those dealers offering it.


One needs to be very clear when people says those things if they are talking before or after incentives (almost always after), and if the lease incentives are the same or not

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On a 40K MSRP JLU Sport S you would be talking about $8000 off. You can get to about 10% off MSRP pre-incentive. That’s your first $4K. You would need the perfect storm of rebates to cover the next 10%/$4K.

VIN Specific Offers $1000
Regional offers like the memorial day bonus cash $1500
Private select offer $500
IDL or National bonus cash $1000

That’s $4000 right there. It is most definitely possible. I would start by looking for Wranglers with the VIN specific bonus cash as that will drive you to a particular dealer.

I managed to do it before COVID but it was a nightmare. If you do find one, I’d be down to purchase a Rubi myself

The 20% was total discounts off MSRP, so incentives were part of it. The total discount was apparently $10K. Loaded Sahara’s hover around $50K~

As for the Rubi - no dice - general consensus there was no chance for that level discount.

Any way to find the VIN specific vehicles or is it like the old Chevy bonus tags where only the individual dealers know?

@nypharm again today! He sent me a great sales person. Happy to share. She’s in PA. Waiting to pick up my wrangler order when jt comes in

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Also bikini is no longer offered as an option to be ordered

Some creative googling can find them. Here is an example of what you are looking for, I am entirely unaffiliated with this dealer but I commend them for proper disclosure of incentives; “$750 - VIN Specific Select Inventory Bonus 41CLA4”

Now you can google for 41CLA4 and try to find a dealer near you although not every deal will post it like this. It looks like the program ends Monday. You will find better rebates on Sahara or Sport vs Rubicon.


I can help, I’ve setup and advised several leasehacker members. Even helped a guy pickup a rubicon 2 door from my dealer, he had it shipped down to Florida. My dealer does about 5% below invoice plus whatever incentives for the month of signing. Pm me and I can help you with lead and numbers. Most jeep dealers do not work with discounts + honesty + multiple banks for leasing, most jeep dealers are not flexible nor do they want to lease Wranglers. Pm me, when it comes to wranglers and gladiator jeeps im the source for best deals on this site. It might sound snob like but its true. @ac427

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NO INCENTIVES ON ANY RUBICONS, they can’t keep them in stock. Best bet is Sahara, slightly better residual and higher discount, will equal better payments. I got a rubicon with around 52k msrp for 499 monthly, 42 months, 1.7k dos.

You can find the VIN bonus cash offer on Rubicons. In fact a leftover 2019 Rubicon has quite a bit of incentives. All of the private select offers work on Rubicon as well.

Leftover rubicons at this point might not be leasable. I have a 2019 custom built order from factory not a car thats been on the lot for 8 months. I got my deal when other dealers offered $100-150 more monthly even with higher discounts. Not all bonus cash will also be allowed for leases. Purchases is another story, do not confuse lease cash and cash incentives for purchase. Especially since the best lease numbers are not from Chrysler Bank itself, some of the cash might not apply. Rubicons in certain parts of the country might be sitting, not on east coast. No need to for incentives if they sell. These incentives did not exist prior to covid, a wrangler with lease cash was unheard of. Now is the best time to strike a deal.

How much was it to lease the 2 door Rubicon? Was it done recently? I have a couple of months left on my current lease and I am strongly considering a wrangler for my next car, I am also in Florida.

Not sure the numbers but deal was way better than florida dealers, including shipping. 2 doors lease way worse keep that in mind. Again I’m not a dealer or broker just help fellow forum members with my connect. Deal on 2 door was done last year.

Trying to lease my wife 2020 Jeep Wrangler unlimited around $42K MSRP. We had a nice one lined up with swapalease but COVID-19 shut down the lease transfer department at Ally financial so it fell through. I can hit our target lease payment around 400 if I can get approximately 10% off MSRP but the dealers I’ve checked with are stuck around 6%.
For a vehicle with such a high residual and with such low interest rates right now I can’t believe how hard it’s been to hit 400/month. Would do 36 or 42 month, 12K Mile and $1000 total drive off money. Any advice? Thanks

Private message me. Are you on east coast?

Low inventory and high demand will do that.

A 6% discount is highway robbery on a Wrangler, especially on a 2020 that will be a year old in a few weeks. If you don’t need the car right this second then just special order one and get exactly what you want. There are a few dealers on the east coast and some scattered elsewhere that are regularly at 5-8% below invoice on special orders.

Low interest rates on a wrangler? Where?

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