Jeep Wrangler Cheap Leases


I keep seeing cheap Jeep Wrangler deals. How do I go about finding one?

I’m sure the 2000+ posts have some fruitful information


You have to go to your local Jeep dealership and do a rain dance in the middle of the showroom in order to summon the Jeep gods. If you do it right the salesperson walks out with contracts on a 4xE with sub $300 effective sign and drive payments.


If you put an offering of 5k down you will definitely summon the dealer gods.


Been trying in NY today no luck lol

Not going to happen on an in stock and definitely not happening in New England or NY

They’d discount a car that’s a build? I wasn’t sure. I’ll try that if that’s the case

Dude there’s 2000 posts about this


Yep I knew it might be too good to be true.

What numbers have you been getting?

Cheapest I had was 479

So order one like everyone else

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