Jeep Wrangler 4xe

It looks like an extra $1k in total to me.

36 month/10k
599 dealer fee
400 taxes

If you want help lay out the detail and math you’re trying to confirm.

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What’s the MSRP of the Jeep? Trim? That payment looks to be around the same as most of the “good” deals that have been posted here recently.

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Congratulations? Share pics?

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55230 - MSRP
49813 - selling price

Sahara 4XE

Thank you.!!!

Sales tax rate is 7%

The agreed upon value is $51,236.58 though. Where do you get $49,813 as the selling price? That leaves another $997.40 unaccounted for in the gross capitalized cost of $52,233.98.

So any other details? Did you order this from a local dealer?

Wasn’t that dealer fee and taxes on $7500?

Is this a signed deal?

Hi All,

Thank you for the help.

I will update later. I was able to sort it out. I’ll provide an update later tonight or tomorrow.

Yes, signed deal.


I tried inputing your contract numbers on SIGNED!:

Laying out your information via SIGNED! helps the rest of the community understand your deal, as the app asks you to input all relevant information needed for others to evaluate your deal.

I don’t know which county you got this deal from so I just entered the most populous county in Florida. Feel free to make changes and add additional information (e.g. rebates applied, any trade-in, and additional fees etc.) to the SIGNED! post.

Thanks for sharing!

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