Jeep Renegade (or comparable) lease deals

Hi guys. New member here in what seems like an awesome forum.

I need to lease a car within the next two weeks. Fuel efficiency is important to me, but so is all weather capability. Hence, I’ve been looking at smaller SUVs. My personal favorite thus far has been the Jeep Renegade (and its close cousin the Fiat 500x). Are there any other vehicles I’m overlooking that i should be considering and that have good deals (feel free to paint with a broad brush; I’d rather have too many options to choose from than to miss out).

With all that said, are there any good deals on the Jeep Renegade? I’m ok with the lowest trim package and even a manual. Also, based on my timeline, I can either lease last week October or first week November? Is one timeframe better than the other?

Be careful what you wish for - @vhooloo may point you to $70K XC90 or something LOL

I like Renegade, looks nice.

Renegade, schmenegade. Well, I do have a Jaguar F type coupe for 487 a month :slight_smile:

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There is an edmunds 1k bonus coupon, so make sure you use that to save an extra 30-40 per month on your Renegade.

@vhooloo how does the coupon work? Does it stack over any other deals?

It should stack. It’s something direct from FCA to consumer.

Browse and look for the banner to come up at the top for the “Edmunds Inside Deal.” It might be for a different car, but once you click it you will be able to choose your Jeep.