Jeep Rangler Jeep factory order

If I factory order a basic Jeep Wrangler sport (AC only option) what % discount off MRSP would be agreeable to dealers internet dept.
Thank You

There are several brokers and dealers here offering factory orders at big discounts to reference. What your local dealer will do will probably be somewhere between 9% discount to 10% over MSRP.

over MRSP for factory order with dealer?

Yah, there are some dealers charging over MSRP, some charging MSRP, some giving big discounts.

Look at the brokers in the market place here, work out what the cost would be at their discount less any differences in fees and shipping costs, etc, and let that be your floor for working with your local dealer.


Most dealers don’t discount factory orders, it only seems common that orders are done at huge discounts because its discussed on LH, etc. There are 2500 Jeep dealers in the US and most of them prefer making profitable deals

Are you in MA? Reach out to @Bostoncarconcierge


yes - Nantucket

Most of the dealers in MA won’t budge from MSRP (I’ve tried). @Bostoncarconcierge will get you a sizable discount

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