Jeep Lyfe - Wrangler and Gladiator Dealer - Northeast

Hi All,

I have gotten a couple of sales from Leasehackr and have figured I would start a review page. Really appreciate the business. If there is anything I can do to help feel free to reach out.

Region Served: Northeast
Vehicle brands sold: Jeep Wrangler + Gladiator
No Fee
You may reach out to me at

I highly recommend Kate, she provided the fastest lease quote I ever seen and it was also competitive. I got all the info I needed over the phone/messages, and she answered all question and concerns in a very timely way. Other dealers were still sending usual “when do you think to come over?”, and I already had all the numbers in front of me and discussed how to do a custom order.

The truck arrived few months later, the dealership delivered it and then took extra care of papers. My my DL was on wrong address (we moved recently).

Thanks for saving tons of time on every step of the search and purchasing!

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