Jeep Inventory LI NY and Bank Programs


Ok so been trying to hunt a Jeep GC Overland or High Altitude since last month. Rebates are great but dealers are even more hesitant to discount it. Got an Overland for my friend at 448 a month with just first month and DMV as drive offs last month but for myself color choices are not there and also inventory seems tight. A dealer i spoke with said they only had 70 cars in total for sale. Another one refused to go below invoice. Seems like all LI dealers on same program, not going below invoice this month. I was told they should get more inventory end of month.

Has anyone heard any news on inventory replinishments?

US Bank had 50% residual this month for 36 months and MF was very low, like .009 or so. Does anyone know any other bank programs for this car? What are residuals or MF?

I believe i am on waitlist with a broker here but seems like even brokers having tough time getting new inventory.

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