Jeep Grand Cherokee MF/RV please

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X2
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: 33617

Info on the above vehicle would be appreciated.

Also… A 2017 Grand Cherokee Altitude.= 4X2 36/12 33617

I’d like to know the same as my parents are considering the Jeep GC.

Preliminary numbers are…

MSRP $37190
Dealer discount $1390
Rebates $1750

Final Sale Price: $34050
Drive Off: $590 includes first month

RV 57%
Monthly Payment $487 That’s 1.4% of final sale price

Looks like everything else is rolled in…

Do not do it. Horrible deal.

The MF must be super high here. I’d think better sale prices would be available as well, but not that familiar with Jeep Grand Cherokee pricing.

There’s another local dealer that’ll sell one for $32,979… That brings it down to $440 or 1.3% of final sales price.

Can you post all details like money factor and rebates you qualify for?

Loyalty for returning lessee $1000
Bonus Cash $750

No MF given but I’ll ask…this was all via email. Based on the calculator its in the .00127-ish range

Yeaaa no thanks, my parents are better off getting a Wrangler.

MF of .00120 is a third party bank. I think there is a 1000 lease cash too though, check on jeep website. I got 44.6k msrp jeep for 399 all rolled in in october.

Where are you located? If in Long Island i can ask my salesman if he can do a lot better than this. Thats all i can offer if you do not want to put in the time required to negotiate. The highlander also leasing pretty well right now.

Tampa, FL. I appreciate the offer but just a little too far from LI!!

I’m making progress… According to Edmunds there’s $3500 IDL on Laredo’s and $5000 IDL on Limited’s.

Factoring in the $3500 IDL for a Laredo Altitude the payments down to $358 for a 36/12k w/ 4590-ish drive off.

Dealers previous best offer was 3.7% off retail…I just asked for 7%. Will update…

Whats current IDL/third party MF for tier 1?

Wow thats great idl for limited. If i had 5000 idl when i got my limited would have been a crazy deal. Still not low enough in my opinion with that high drive offs.

I’m assuming IDL stands for some kind of dealer cash?
Is this nation wide?

Its cash if you finance with a third party bank.


Dealers messing with me on the third party IDL. Claims they only write third party deals with Ally and that Ally’s MF is .0034 and the residual low because of the IDL money.

MSRP $41675
Sale Price $39,000
Rebates and IDL $6750
MF .00324
RV ~54
Payment $515

NON IDL deal
Sale Price $41675
Sale Price $39,000
Rebates $1750
MF .00051
RV ~54
Payments $498

That’s crazy. Payments $19 lower with $5K less money!!!

If I use the calculator and change the MF to .00149 which is what US Bank is offering the Challengers I get a payment of $402.

Let ma ask this…What’s US Bank MF and RV on Grand Cherokee Limited 4x2 and Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X2’s?

I’m about ready to go through a broker…33617 Tampa if an brokers roll through this thread.

For that money i would just order out of state and ship it.