Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Help - First Time

I’m looking at a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited AWD in MI and got the below quote. I can’t back into the monthly payment on the calculator. Is this a good deal?

MSRP: $43,695
Selling Price: $41,931
36 Months / 12k miles per year
Money Factor: 0.00081 / Residual $22,976
Monthly payment: $339/month

Due at signing: $1000 down + $339 1st month + $200 Doc +$24 CVR +$16 Title + $1495 Destination + $255 Tax on Rebates + $733 sales tax on $339/mo plus tax advertised price + $587 Acquisition = $4,649 DUE + Plate

I feel like $339/month is a solid payment for a nicely outfitted full size SUV but $4,649 seems high for drive offs.

Thanks all!

This isn’t that good of a deal. Don’t put money down. You’re really not paying 339 a month with 1k down. You shouldn’t pay destination upfront, it should be part of MSRP if I’m right.

Discount is poor. If there are any incentives on the car, you pretty much have no dealer discount.

That’s because it’s basically $500 /mo with that drive off factored in.

Ok. So I negotiated them down:

$1,500 total drive offs

MSRP on the car is $43.6k.

Good deal? Or push for lower monthly? They have 45 GCs on the lot …

430/month for a grand Cherokee, is that what you want to pay for that car? You’re close to a point of reference, 1800 das, 336+ tax on a limited, is this what you want to pay?

yeah i guess you are right - still sounds high! but it is pretty much their advertised deal and i haven’t seen a family sized 4x4 SUV w/ leather interior for less. Step up is XC90 which are brokered on here at $499+1,500 drive off, if lucky.