Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 2019: Is this a good deal for a lease

Pricing out options for 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited - (I should mention I live in Massachusetts) I’m kind of confused about the fees and as mentioned I’m still trying to get more off the MSRP before rebates.

Would be trading in a car that I would get 2k for (car is worth 8500 with 6500 lien would have 2k in equity)

15k/36 month lease 500 down and first payment (424.99)

Original MSRP: 44,235
Dealer cost : 42,235
Residual value 51%
MF .00186

Rebates/incentives: 9,250

So total cap cost would be 33,105

Reg/title 135
Dealer doc fees 595
Other fees 799

From what I’ve read the invoice price on the 2019 grand cherokee limited 4x4 is 41553 according to nada. I also saw invoice on KBB listed as 41,088 and fair market at 38,498-41,457

Any and all help is appreciated!

$424.99 is not your effective payment 2K in+equity +500 down get your 2K in cash or check don’t put $500 down tell them u wan’t same payment with only first month payment.

Thanks for your advice- that’s where I’m confused- the more I read it I think they are trying to fool me with numbers- I think they took the trade off the MSRP and trying to fool me into thinking that’s dealer cost. He was trying to convince me into doing 42 month lease which I declined but this was what they printed out - one shows 36 month lease (circles) next is breakdown of 42 month lease.